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Need a babysitter for an infant

Nurses are needed differently ...

First, decide on your requirements. And keep in mind: the higher your requirements for a nanny, the higher the payment for her services. For the youngest children it is necessary to hire a nanny with medical education, for the older ones - with a pedagogical education.

■ Just babysitting. Provide care for the baby and look after that nothing has happened to him. The main task - in time to feed, change the diaper, "walk", put to bed. For the price - this is the most economical option. Requirements: health book, honey. Education, work experience.

■ Nanny-housemaid. In addition to taking care of the child, this nanny will also be able to help with housework: prepare dinner, clean rooms and iron clothes. Such services are more expensive. Requirements: the same, plus the ability to cook deliciously. Nanny-educator (governess). All tasks include not only childcare, but also classes for early development, preparation for school> teaching foreign languages. Requirements: higher pedagogical education, knowledge of languages ​​and developing methods. These services are the most expensive.

Difficult choice

■ Search. Start the search is with relatives and friends. Maybe the daughter of a female student wants to earn money from an employee? Or someone from friends moms will recommend a grandmother from a nearby entrance? If these options do not work out, we recommend that you contact a specialized agency. The advantages are obvious: several candidates will be offered to you at once, and if one nanny does not come up to you (get sick, leave), then another will be replaced (up to 3 substitutions - for free). In addition, the agency is the guarantor of your relationship with the nanny and, as a rule, there are not detained women workers who were seriously criticized. The main disadvantage is high prices for services. However, if you need a qualified nanny, then you can find it only in the agency. But we do not recommend looking at the announcement on the column or in the newspaper - there is too much danger of meeting an dishonorable person.

■ Recommendations. Ask for a nanny recommendation. Check them by calling back past candidates.

■ The contract. The agency will be offered to conclude a written model agreement on the provision of services, but you can make your own corrections to it. Duties of the nurse ask in detail - when feeding, when a walk, and when a dream. Decide on the method of payment. Be sure to specify the points: "nurse meals", "leave", "days of idle through the fault of the employer", "overtime pay". This will help you avoid many misunderstandings in the future.

Trust but check

■ First impression. At the interview, the nanny should like you and the appearance, and manner of communication with the child. Ask her questions: "What will you do if the child cuts?", "How will you punish the baby if he does not obey?". So you will find out how competent it is and whether your methods of upbringing match.

■ Probationary period. It is advisable that you are at home on the first day. Look closely at how the candidate cope with the child, as much as possible, enter it into the course of the matter. In the following month, you will be able to change your mind if something in the activities of nannies seems unacceptable to you.

■ Reaction of the child. Pay attention to the appearance and behavior of your baby, new words, skills. If after a while the baby meets a nanny with a crying - this is a bad sign.

■ Beware of the frank Bok!

■ Audio and video recording, online surveillance. In the protection of your child, all means are good, so spend on mini-cameras or at least leave the recorder on. And you can unexpectedly come home and "arise" on the threshold of the room. One mommy, thus, found a peacefully dormant nanny, and her child is 1.5 years old - one in the kitchen - playing with switches on the gas stove. And still, the element of trust must be present. If the child is healthy and cheerful, reaches out to the nurse, then with the assistant you are lucky.

Knowledgeable lawyers say that a written contractWith a nanny (and even certified by a notary) exists only for your peace of mind. In fact, if there are any unpleasant moments, you can not refer to this document. The fact is that according to the law, you, as an employer, are obliged to pay taxes and other expenses for your employee. Since you do not do this, other conditions of the contract will easily be appealed in court. Civil law provides for freedom of contract, therefore, an oral agreement is also possible and has legal force. And its fulfillment in any case depends only on the decency and responsibility of your nanny.

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