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The crisis of the first year of life

The more achievements the kid does, for example,Dismantles toys, reaches out to far-away objects, the better he thinks about himself, the more quietly his development proceeds. If the kid achieves something on his own, it forms confidence in him, the desire to do something by himself the next time. If the baby fails over and over again, without your help and support, he can not cope. This can lead to the child becoming insecure or will not want to do anything on his own.

The crisis of the first year of life also lies in theThat the child has an activity. Children at this age fall are very different from each other in the degree of activity. Some children are more active from an early age, others immediately call on parents to help them. The crisis of the first year of a child's life is manifested, mainly, in the fact that parents note the first difficulties in the upbringing of the child. If the kid has always been obedient until the year, after a year he becomes harmful, stubborn, willful. A kid can fight since 11 months, defending his point of view! Other children do not fight, but they are offended by a funny amusement if their parents refuse something in some way: they make grimaces or cry. And the third type of children, despite the ban, continue to do their thing. No matter how your child reacts to the ban, he lets you know that he is already an independent person, that his wishes do not always coincide with yours.

If your one-year-old kid suddenly became stubborn andYou should know that these are just natural processes of becoming a person. It happens that the negative aspects of the child's character are not acute.

A distinctive feature of the crisis of the first year of lifeThe child consists in the fact that in a relatively short period of time the child learns new skills and knowledge. The manifestations of the crisis in the child's behavior depend on the behavior of the parents during this period. Do not ask for more from the baby than he can, do not forbid him much, evaluate the merits and achievements of the baby to the fullest. Otherwise, you risk falling into disfavor. Parents should remain sensitive and attentive to the child during this difficult period of his life. You should give your child enough time. Joint walks, games, classes will draw you together with a crumb, it will not harm you and do everything in defiance.

Of course, the independence of the baby will cause a lot of trouble to parents: the kid now and time snatches a spoon during dinner, dressing for a walk, jerking legs and hands, going to bed, fooling.

By such actions, the toddler becomes self-assertive. After all, he does not know other ways for self-assertion. And so the kids usually behave only with close people. With strangers, they do not show such stubbornness.

If during a crisis the parents respect the desires andAchievement of the child, then his vagaries gradually subsided. He already learns to compromise with adults, obeys requests and demands more easily. So, for example, not being able to eat, the kid tries to snatch the spoon from his mother, but as soon as he learns to eat on his own, he even likes to be fed.

By the end of the first year of life, the child already knows how to make complex movements, has two forms of communication. This is a small personality, the further development of which depends entirely on the parents.

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