/ How much should I breast-feed?

How much do I need to breast-feed?

First, you should take the rule before eachBy feeding to wash hands with soap, wiping the breast with boiled water, paying special attention to the nipples. Then you should rub your chest with a towel, it is desirable that the towel for the breast is an individual and ironed iron on both sides. At the beginning of feeding, the breast is slightly squashed, especially if it is tight, so that the newborn is easier to suck, and also to protect the baby from various infections that can get into the ducts of the mammary glands. After the feeding is completed, it is advisable to dry the nipples in the open air.

How to breastfeed a newborn baby -A controversial issue, in particular, the majority of disputes arise about what position is most comfortable during breastfeeding. No matter how you feed, it is important that during feeding you should be comfortable and comfortable for you, and, most importantly, for your baby. Feeding is the communication between the mother and the newborn, it should bring pleasure, and not a feeling of inconvenience. In the first days after childbirth it is very convenient to feed the baby lying down or sitting in bed, laying a pillow on the back. With one hand you will hold the newborn, and with the other hand you will hold the chest, so that the baby can comfortably take the nipple. It is advisable that during feeding your newborn baby densely lays on your body, so lactation will increase, and the baby will suck milk more calmly.

It is believed that the newborn sucks properly, If he captures not only the nipple of the breast, but also the entire parasol, and his cheeks and nose adjoin the chest. So the baby does not swallow the air. Therefore, one should not allow a newborn to take only one nipple into his mouth, because he does not suck so much milk, but only hurts the nipple. Then you will have to treat the cracks on the nipples, which are very painful.

If the baby refuses to take the breast, thenTo awaken his appetite - you can pour a few drops of milk into his mouth, and then give the nipple. If in the first days after childbirth you have little milk, then do not delay feeding. How much should I breastfeed? It is better to give the newborn a short time, but more often.

Some women find it more convenient to feed the baby lying onSide, laying for the comfort of his elbow a small pillow. Some have a newborn on their stomach, others are fed while sitting. Whichever posture you feel most comfortable, the main thing is that during breastfeeding, the first communication of the mother and the newborn child takes place. During breastfeeding, you should be calm and relaxed, so that the baby does not hurry and was satisfied.

Sometimes when breastfeeding a baby canThere is a thrush, at which the newborn refuses to take the breast, since it hurts to suck. In this case, the pediatrician appoints the necessary treatment to the child.

How much time does it take to feed a childBreastfeeding? Proper breastfeeding of the newborn begins with a brief application of the baby to the chest. In the first three days after delivery, doctors recommend feeding for 5 minutes, on the 4th day of the baby is applied to the chest for 10 minutes, on the fourth - for 15 minutes. If cracks do not appear on the teats, then the duration of feeding can be increased further. At first, you can feed the baby first one, and then another breast, so that the child receives a sufficient amount of milk.

Breastfeeding is not being adjusted from the firstDays of a newborn's life. For the first week you will have to adjust to the needs of the baby, including his diet. The baby is still very small and weak, during feeding he quickly gets tired of sucking and can fall asleep without having eaten. Over time, both the duration of the newborn's feeding and the volume of its stomach will increase. With free feeding at first the baby is put to the breast 10-12 times a day, gradually 8-times feeding the newborn. At frequent feeding at you the lactemia is established and raises, and also frequent application to a breast forms psychological stability of the child that will subsequently affect your mutual relations.

Another controversial issue in breastfeeding- Whether it is necessary to feed the newborn at night. The doctors answer: it is obligatory. If the baby is constantly hungry at night, he will sleep restlessly, nervous, scream. A large break between feedings is very difficult to bear by newborn children. At night feeding it is necessary to feed the kid and again to fall asleep that your dream was not broken.

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