/ How to Stop Breastfeeding Quickly

How to quickly stop breastfeeding

This advice is dictated by the fact that the composition of the breastMilk of the mother changes all the time. There are three main periods of "different" milk. The first period you feed the baby colostrum, 1-2 weeks after the birth of colostrum is gradually replaced by ripe milk. The third period, when a woman has a natural extinction of lactation, is called involution. Milk, which is allocated to a woman during an involution, has its own special composition. It is very good, when a child receives during breast-feeding, at the right time, also this milk. Milk produced at the stage of involution is similar to colostrum, it contains many immunoglobulins, leukocytes and other substances that have a positive effect on the immunity of the child. It is proved that children who at least a month have been fed milk of this type are protected from infectious diseases within six months. Therefore, to stop breastfeeding is desirable after you have started the last stage of lactation. To define it it is possible so: if to not give to the child a breast within day, at a stage of ripe milk it is filled with milk and swells, at an involutive phase such phenomenon is not observed. In addition, the child often refuses involuntary milk on his own or experiences weaning much more easily. Therefore, if your child is sick, it is better to continue to feed it as long as possible. So you will ensure your baby strong immunity for life. In addition, it is not recommended to wean early from the breast for babies who have had a cesarean section or other birth complications. The process of breast sucking positively appears on the development of the nervous system and the brain of the baby.

But, you have weighed all the pros and cons and acceptedDecision to stop breastfeeding. It is important to quickly stop breastfeeding your baby, otherwise you and your child will be tormented. If he starts to hurt or be upset, you can not stand and give him a breast. The second attempt to stop breastfeeding is psychologically more difficult. Of all the methods that describe how to quickly stop breastfeeding, none is reliable in the sense that you need to be prepared psychologically. If you are not sure that you are doing the right thing and think that a baby without a breast is suffering, that he has lost something, stop breastfeeding for you will be very painful. Perhaps, then you will regret your decision, and maybe you will not survive and will return the child to his chest.

Stop breastfeeding better in a cool, butNot a cold season. Spring and autumn will suit. In damp weather, or in the heat, the baby will feel bad. In severe heat and cold, the child's immune system is particularly vulnerable. He can catch a cold or get an intestinal infection. To reduce lactation and discomfort, take a decoction of chamomile with sage and make a compress on the chest with camphor alcohol. Breaking the breast is not recommended, since you can transmit the lacteal streams in a way that will later cause breast disease. It is best if the baby refuses the breast himself. However, you can, for example, leave him somewhere for a week. Some mothers smear bosom with bitter substances. Think about which method will be psychologically easier for your child.

How to quickly stop breastfeeding ifBaby crying and needs a breast? First, be calm yourself. Most likely, the child needs not the food that he will get from the chest, but your attention. Talk gently to the child, show that you love him. Older children usually already very much want to grow up and become like Mom and Dad. You can take advantage of this, and say that the baby is already grown up and it's time to wean him.

If you still decided to bandage your breasts, doThis must be done correctly. Otherwise, it may just not work, and the milk will not be lost. It is better to seek help from those who already have experience of breast-dressing. You can ask how this is done, the pediatrician.

Stop breastfeeding is recommended andIn cases when it does not deliver pleasant emotions to mom and baby. If you feel tired, irritated, do not get enough sleep at night, you can express milk and give it in a bottle. Getting used to the bottle happens very quickly, and the baby himself refuses the breast. Milk for a woman is becoming less, since its production is not stimulated by sucking, and the child is transferred to an artificial mixture or other food prescribed for him by age.

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