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Breast milk is the best food for the baby

It is a product that the child always receives in fresh and heated form.

Ingredients of breast milk in different periodsFeeding is not the same. After the birth of the child in the first 2-3 days, colostrum - a thick liquid of yellowish color. In colostrum, a lot of protein and salts, and also contain so-called colostrum. They are cells with droplets of fat. In colostrum, many antibodies that affect the immune system of the child. To immunity of a newborn child was stronger, it should be applied to the breast as soon as possible, as soon as the state of the mother and child allows. It is believed that it is possible to breastfeed a child from the moment when the original feces depart.

From 3-4 days after the birth of a child in dairyGlands of the mother produced transitional milk, a mixture of milk and colostrum. Mature milk appears in the chest for 2-4 weeks of feeding. Under a microscope, milk has the appearance of a homogeneous suspension of fat balls. In mature milk contains all the substances and vitamins necessary for the baby, their number and ratio is such that the milk is completely digested and absorbed in the child's body. Milk also contains immune antibodies, hormones (the hormonal system of the child is still underdeveloped, and maternal hormones are very handy) and enzymes. This quality of breast milk can not be replaced by any other products. Each lactating woman produces milk, which is different in individual composition. Children can tell the taste and smell of their mother's milk from other people's milk.

Milk of animals is not able to fully replaceMaternal, because it does not contain the necessary antibodies and hormones, it has another fat content and another composition. Cow milk children digest worse, because it contains much more coarse protein - casein. In human milk, there are more albumins and globulins - easily digestible whey proteins. To digest mother's milk, the baby takes three times less energy and digestive enzymes than to digest the same amount of cow's milk. Therefore, when feeding a baby, always give preference to your breast milk - better nutrition for your baby.

The proteins found in breast milk are lighterDigested, they are nutritious, easier absorbed in the intestines of the baby. Fats in milk are in the form of very small droplets, this is the most easy to assimilate form. In addition, in the milk of a woman, fats are mainly in the form of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Together with fats in milk, the enzyme is immediately contained, which is necessary for their digestion. Carbohydrates in breast milk are not only nutritious, but also prevent reproduction of pathogens in the intestines of the child. Lactose, from which 90% of women's carbohydrates are women, partially reach the unsplit form of the child's large intestine. There they have a stimulating effect on the microflora. Salts of calcium and phosphorus are needed for growth and formation of the skeleton. Iron, copper, zinc and other trace elements in human milk are much larger than in cow's milk. The content of vitamins in breast milk depends largely on the quality of nutrition of a woman. Vitamin A, E and D in it is also greater than in cow's milk.

Children who are breastfedMore predisposed to catarrhal and allergic diseases, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Carbohydrates contained in milk mixtures are digested much worse than those obtained by a child from mother's milk. In some cases this causes obesity and metabolic disorders.

The nursing woman should monitor what she uses for food, what medicines she takes, as many substances enter the milk that enter the mother's body.

Breastfeeding not only provides the childFood, while creating close ties between him and his mother. During feeding, the baby and mother communicate with each other, he feels the warmth of her skin, hears the mother's voice, her breathing, and the heartbeat. Subsequently, it will be easier for the child to establish relationships with other people. Children who ate breast milk grow calm, mentally balanced, they develop faster physically and psychologically. Children who were breastfed are more attached to their mother. Therefore, in the first year of life the best food for the baby, which will give him not only the necessary energy, but also attention, care, affection, this milk, which feeds his mother.

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