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Fashionable children's clothes for boys

If you are going to the hospital, fashionable children's clothing for boys should be a little larger.

But first of all, let's remember aboutReproductive system of the future man. Boys are not allowed to wear diapers for a long time. If at home to follow this fairly simply, everything depends only on your desire or unwillingness to fiddle with wet diapers, then the maternity home may have to be fought. Diapers in modern maternity hospitals are used with great reluctance. And the fact is that under the diaper the skin of the child is overheating. Increasing the temperature in the space around the boy's genitals by at least one degree, can lead to future problems. As studies show, in the future, boys who have always worn diapers in infancy, increased the risk of infertility. Therefore, try to dress your child in diapers as rarely as possible.

If you are not going to use diapers,For newborns it is better to use diapers or to wear sliders, and not to dress in overalls or little man. So it will be more convenient for you to change wet clothes. However, diapers also create their own difficulties, which we will discuss below. Therefore, the sliders will be the best option. It is very convenient to use sliders with straps. Such sliders will not fall off the child themselves, and taking them off from an active toddler is much more difficult. If you find sliders with straps of adjustable length, they will serve you longer.

Let us dwell on the hygiene of newborn boysMore in detail. At birth in boys the foreskin covers the head of the penis completely. This phenomenon is called physiological phimosis, it disappears at the age of 3-5 years. To ensure that the bacteria do not gather under the foreskin, which can cause inflammation, the baby needs to be washed about once every three hours, if he wears a diaper or after he has wet two or three diapers.

Overheating of the lower body for boys alsoUndesirable, as well as cooling. Therefore, clothes for newborn boys should be chosen rather spacious. It should be warm, but not so that the child does not sweat in it. Whichever way you choose to dress your child, it's good if a layer of air is created between the clothes and the body of the child. In sufficiently spacious clothes, the child is guaranteed freedom of movement, which will naturally protect him from overheating and hypothermia. Therefore, swaddling a child is too tight anymore.

Too many things to put on a child are notRecommended. Overheating is harmful not only to newborns, but to older children. Often you can see how in a kindergarten for a child dress for two panties, and even a coveralls from above. Unfortunately, so did sometimes come with newborn children. Perhaps, on one exit on street from maternity home to itself home and it is necessary to dress the kid more warmly. But at home he is quite enough sliders and ryoshonki. The main thing is that in the room where the baby is, there were no drafts. Determine if your baby is cold, you can touch his nose. If the child is really cold, the nose will be cold.

Do not take newborn clothes with claspsBehind, because the child spends most of the time in the supine position. Of course, it is recommended to put on the ruffles with a cut on the back. Watch only that the newborn did not have to lie on the knots from the strings.

Fashionable children's clothes for boys should beSewed from lightweight fabrics that pass air well. It is better if you choose natural materials - cotton, linen, wool. The simpler and faster you put on things, the more comfortable it will be for you and the baby. If you buy a jumpsuit, please note that the baby can feel free in it with the diaper in it. Some overalls have a special cut of step joints, in which the child is more free to move.

A few words about the customs. It is now customary to dress in blue boys, and in pink girls. But more than a hundred years ago this custom was executed to the exact opposite: the pink color was considered more vivid and courageous than the blue one. Then the pink dressed the newborn boys. If you are in doubt, what color clothes should be purchased for a child, choose white. Vendors of children's clothing are often advised to buy white things for those who are not sure about the child's field. White color is also good because it is very smart, hygienic (except that it is too marble) and if you are obsessed with a combination of shades, it's much easier to pick white things together for color.

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