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Councils of folk medicine from motion sickness in the transport of a child

Read our good advice of traditional medicine from motion sickness in the transport of a child, and, perhaps, they will help you a lot.

If you do not take measures, there may be vomiting, and evenfainting condition. Some parents are sure that with sensitive children it is better to go on a trip on an empty stomach, believing that this way you can avoid vomiting. This is mistake. On the hungry stomach, the state of motion sickness, on the contrary, will come faster. But from the abundant or fatty food before the road should be abstained, it also promotes motion sickness, especially nausea and vomiting.

Breakfast "on the track" - this is a small portion of anykashki, loose steam omelet or fruit curd, and tea with mint. You can give and meat dish, but low-fat and without toasting. The perfect side dish is puree from a baked apple. This unusual, but very useful combination easily "fits" in the stomach and has a beneficial effect on digestion.

The best way to avoid motion sickness is to laybaby sleep. If this does not succeed, try to keep the kid looking not at the roadside, but on far-away objects. Try to sing softly together with the child - many help it. Sitting must necessarily face in the course of movement, even on the train. It is useful to take a lemon, cut into thin slices and sprinkled with sugar powder: let the child eat or drink water with the addition of lemon juice. Reduces discomfort and tea with mint. The usual validity can also alleviate the condition, which is always in the first aid kit of the driver.

On a rest

First of all, avoid any snacks inrandom places. In good hotels, baby food is organized, in respectable restaurants there are always suitable dishes for children with a minimum amount of salt. But in ordinary low-cost cafes there can be sharp and very salty dishes, especially sauces. Try them first yourself. For the baby, sauces such as dairy (bechamel), mint English, apple English are suitable.

Fruits and berries

Going on holiday to the south, parents dream to feed the child with fruits and berries, as they say, straight from the twig. These fruits are vitamin, sweet and fragrant. But here you need to be careful.

In hotels and good restaurants, fruits and dishes fromthey can be given to children without fear. Bought in the markets of fruits, vegetables and berries should be carefully washed with a brush in lukewarm running water, and then rinsed with boiled water acidified with vinegar. It is even more reliable to wipe the surface of the washed and dried fruit with a thin slice of lemon. Lemon juice is destructive for intestinal infections and acts instantly.

If the washed fruit was kept for more than an hour in an open vase, it is better to wash them again and grease with lemon juice.

Choosing fruits, choose those from which you canpeel off. As a rule, exotic fruits can not eat sunflower seeds, a hard shell and internal lintels. Peel better off and take off the overseas fruit, and with nashensky, grown in the middle band.

In gardens and orchards, even personal ones, sometimes holdtreatment with pesticides. These are pesticides that are used to protect plants from pests, weeds and diseases, as well as to stimulate the development of fruits. These substances with different degrees of toxicity accumulate in the skin and on the surface of the fruit, penetrating into the flesh of the fruit only in negligible quantities. Before eating fruits, the peel from them is better to remove, before rinsing them abundantly with water and drying.

In many countries apples beforeStorage is covered with a layer of wax with the addition of fungicides (antifungal pesticides). This allows a long time to preserve the color of the fruit and their freshness. Sometimes for the same purpose they are fumigated with sulfur dioxide. It is better not to risk and after carefully washing the apples to cut off the peel from them.

Do not buy fruit with specks-wormholes. These tiny lesions indicate the presence of nitrates in the fetus. In this case, cutting the damaged space will not change anything. The presence of nitrates is also evidenced by a dense light coating on grapes and too thick peel from oranges and lemons.

In consolation, it must be said that in fruits growingon trees, exceeding the dose of nitrates is extremely rare. Another thing - melons and gourds. While treating your child with watermelon or melons, cut out a piece from the middle. Nitrates are located near the very crusts and close to them, where the pulp is whitish. Do not give children early watermelons, the risk of exceeding the dose of nitrates in them is greater. Do not use immature watermelons and melons for jam, and crusts of citrus - for making candied fruits.

Harmful "yummy"

On vacation, we often relax control overfeeding your baby. I want my beloved to enjoy not only the sun, fresh air and bathing, but also enjoyed various kinds of delicacies.

A child, seeing vacationers, deliciously crunchinga crust of fried potatoes, asks for "it" for themselves. "Well, what, in fact, happens if you buy him a bag or two?" - sometimes adults argue .-- Is it really harmful? Well, "empty" calories, well, overheated fats ... After all, not every day a child "eats" it! "

Not so long ago in the press there was a rating of the mostharmful to health of the finished products, compiled by Johnny Bowden. The first in the list of Bowden is the French fries, which is served almost in all fast food restaurants. Followed by sweet glazed donuts, sweet fizzy drinks ... In the middle of the list - cookies with a low fat content. In it in the role of fat substitutes are synthetic components that adversely affect the baby's liver.

In food, this toxic substance can get into and out of the environment into which it penetrates when the treatment systems are violated at chemical plants.

But the main thing is to exclude acrylamide from entering the children's body through food, especially as it is in our hands.

All in your hands

Feeding children only healthy naturalproducts, especially during summer holidays, requires not only attention and care from parents, but also the ability to bypass temptations. It is very useful to educate the children with the consistency and calm attitude to delicacies. It will be appropriate to recall the sad joke of Mark Twain: "The only way to maintain health is that you do not want to, drink something that you do not like, and do things that you do not like." Alas, this joke contains nothing of truth, in it everything is the truth, and we, in turn, hope that thanks to our advice on traditional medicine from motion sickness in the transport of a child, you have discovered a lot for yourself.

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