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Baby food for infants

1. Pear sauce from Semper contains pectin, normalizing the work of the stomach.

2. Gerber puree "Apple and blueberry" - to strengthen the eyesight and immunity of the baby.

3. Apple-banana BIO-puree Humana is well absorbed, without artificial additives.

4. "Peach-pineapple" from Bebivita is a natural source of vitamins and microelements.

5. Delicious, tender puree with apricot from Nate charges the baby's body with energy.

6. In the puree "Pear Williams" puree from Gerber - only pear puree and vitamin C.

7. "Apricot with cottage cheese" from Nestle contains natural calcium for the growth of bones and strengthening of the teeth.

8. Delicious and useful "Priobotics Prunes" from Heinz normalizes the microflora.

9. Puree "Apple-currant" from "FrutoNiani" serves to develop the taste of children from 5 months.

10. BIO-puree HiPP "Plums" has an easy lax effect.

11. "Apple-apricot" from "Theme" - stimulates digestion and intestinal motility of crumbs.

12. Apple puree with vitamin C "Spelled" is prepared from ripe apples with green peel - these are special varieties that do not cause allergies. "Carrots with potatoes" from Humana - high nutritional value and an important source of natural carbohydrates.

2. Gerber puree "Broccoli" - is ideal for the beginning of complementary foods.

3. "Broccoli" from Nate - a real storehouse of protein, proteins and vitamins.

4. In puree "Zucchini with potatoes" from Semper nothing superfluous - only zucchini, potatoes, vegetable oil and water.

5. BIO-puree HiPP "The first children's parsnip." Without salt and preservatives.

6. Vegetable puree with green peas

Humana - phosphorus, protein, vitamins (B). From this peas tummy does not ache!

7. Puree puree Heinz without milk, gluten, sugar is very like the kids.

8. "The first baby pumpkin" - ready-to-use hypoallergenic vegetable puree from baked pork from HiPP.

9. Cauliflower puree from Nate is grown in ecologically clean areas.

10. HiPP "The first children's carrot" from special varieties of BIO-carrots with high content of pectin, without salt.

11. "Cauliflower" - a gentle, homogeneous and delicious puree from Semper.

1. Delicious veal puree from Semper is easy to digest.

2. "Turkey" from Nestle is easy to digest and does not contain cholesterol.

3. Puree "Beef" from Nate is rich in phosphorus and B vitamins.

4. "Meat puree from chicken" from Hipp is balanced in composition.

5. "The turkey" from Semper perfectly sates the child and gives him energy.

6. Nestle "Beef" is rich in heme iron for the prevention of anemia.

7. "Meat puree with beef" from HiPP from natural products, without salt.

8. "Tender rabbit" from Heinz is suitable for babies from 6 months.

1. "Apple and pumpkin" from Gerber - surprisingly tender and fragrant.

2. In the Semper sauce "Lamb with vegetables" the first children's spices and iodized salt.

3. "Delicacy in Italian" from Nestle a full lunch or dinner for a small gourmet.

4. In puree "Apple with cottage cheese" from Nate - and calcium, and iron.

5. New from Humana - "Potato with carrots and chicken" - is recommended as the first meat and vegetable dish.

6. In puree "Fruits and grain" from HiPP apple, banana and cookies - all in one jar.

7. "Pear and blueberry with a cookie" from Heinz is not only very tasty, but also useful puree.

8. "Veal in a peasant" from Semper - almost "meat in a pot" for gourmet crumbs.

9. "Beef Stroganoff with Vegetables" from Nestle - a hearty meal for your baby.

10. "Fruity blowing" - a set of utilities from HiPP.

11. Nestle "Peach with cream" - very tasty and healthy snack.

12. "Rabbit with rice and broccoli" from HiPP with iodized salt.

13. Semper cooked the kids a real delicacy - "Spaghetti with minced meat".

14. BIO puree "Fruit Assortment" - apple, peach, apricot, banana with mango and rice, HiPP.

15.Vitaminized puree

More additives!

The older the baby becomes, the more diverse it should be. Tastes of the baby to baby food for babies are developing, and the task of mom is to offer him something new and tasty!

1. Fruit and yogurt puree "Raspberries and blueberries" from Semper, enriched with vitamin C.

2. Peach in "Peach with cream" from Nestle - a source of potassium, necessary for the work of the heart.

3. Fruit BIO-assortment "Humana" (apples, peach, apricot, banana) with mango and rice.

4. "Yogurt-fruit" HiPP - vitamins, microelements, fiber, without gluten and sugar.

5. "Peach with cottage cheese" from Nate - natural peach, cottage cheese, lemon juice, vitamin C.

6. Berries in curd mass "Blueberry" TM "Theme" are useful for the sight of the baby.

7. Sour milk product with apple and blueberry from Humana with natural prebiotics.

8. Multisweet Welling Semper does not require cooking - you can just dilute with water.

9. Children's kefir "Theme" stimulates the production of enzymes - it increases appetite.

10. With the "Tema" curd, the baby gets enough calcium, protein and B vitamins.

11. In the baby cup "With the pears" from Nestle - vitamin Bi2 (improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, increases visual acuity), plus calcium and magnesium for strong crumbs.

Delicious baby yogurt "Theme" - a combination of yogurt with natural berries.

13. Milk mixture NAN 2 from Nestle, ready for use from 6 months.


One of the very first lures for crumbs is porridge from the most useful cereals.

So, let's begin?

1. Multi-cereal milk porridge "Baby" from Nutricia, consisting of 11 vitamins.

2. Buckwheat porridge with infant formula from Friso - tasty and healthy.

3. Wheat cereal Heinz with milk and pumpkin contributes to the growth and development of crumbs.

4. Milk oat HiPP with apple is a mild natural taste.

5. "Good evening" - semolina porridge from Semper, milk with honey.

6. Porridge "Baby Mil" with cereals and fruits., Liquid, ready to eat, Nestle.

7. "Buckwheat, dried apricots, apple" from Bebi gently normalizes the work of the stomach.

8. "5 cereals with an apple and a banana" from Nestle is recognized as the most favorite gruel of 2009.

9. Wheat porridge "Fruit-Yogurt" with probiotics from HiPP strengthens immunity.

10. Milk porridge with a banana Humana contains 13 vitamins, calcium and iron.

11. Lasana - nutritious porridge with vanilla from specially prepared corn and rice, with vegetable fats and all the most important vitamins, microelements.

Dairy-free porridge

1. "Buckwheat with prunes" porridge from Nestle gently stimulates the work of the baby's intestines.

2. Bebi represents a simple gruel "Buckwheat", which consists of buckwheat, vitamins and minerals.

3. Buckwheat porridge HiPP perfectly suits as hypoallergenic dairy-free cereal, it sates well.

4. In "Muesli and Fruits" from Bebi for a small gourmet, condensed juice and ground hazelnuts are included.

5. Porridge with apple Humana is suitable for babies with intolerance to cow's milk. It has 11 vitamins, iron and iodine. Without gluten, sugar, lactose.

6. BIO-oatmeal gruel HiPP is made from organic oats. Without sugar and milk protein.

7. "Rice-corn" porridge from Friso is rich in iron, sodium, phosphorus, vitamin PP and carotene.

8. "Helper. Happy dreams "- 5 cereals with a lime color, a linden in this gruel from Nestle gives a quiet sleep.

9. "4 cereals" from Friso is a source of vegetable protein.

10. "Rice-corn" from Semper - nourishing base.

11. Hypoallergenic cereal "Helper. Rice with carob fruits "- contains a unique protein, Nestle.

12. Oat-wheat porridge with fruit, Semper.

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