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The most convenient baby bath

Today bathing the baby in a small bathMany seem to be as anachronistic as wrapping crumbs in a diaper. Modern babies splash in a large bath - it's roomy, you can swim at mom or dad on your hands ... Continuous fun and good! But in some cases it is necessary to have a small cozy bath.

Welcome to the water world!

For nine months the baby was inAmniotic fluid. Therefore, bathing for him is not just a hygienic procedure, but a way to adapt to the outside world. In pleasant water, he feels as safe as in his mother's tummy. Sometimes parents are very nervous, dropping into the water baby, who has not even a month. But it is very important that your hands do not tremble! Adult at this crucial moment should radiate calm.

From the first bath depends largely on whether you fall in loveIn general, this important procedure! Therefore, for starters it is better to use a small, rather than a large bath: so everyone will feel more confident. When the whole family gets used to the ritual, it is possible to embark on a "great voyage." Decided to swim in an adult bath? Be sure to invite an instructor on breastfeeding, which will show you how to properly hold the baby. Almost all babies are blissfully in the water. But there are those who are capricious. And here the water temperature plays an important role. Modern pediatricians recommend starting with 37C (not higher!) - in such a vodka crumbs are very comfortable. Then you can gradually lower the temperature (about half a degree per week, up to 29-30C). This is an excellent hardening! Cool water will stimulate the child to actively move, which will help him strengthen muscles, remove the tone of the nervous system.

Ideally, bathing in a large, but most comfortableA bath for a child should take at least 20-30 minutes, so that the baby is not only a pleasure, but also a health benefit. Mom is often uncomfortable to keep the crumb for a long time in a semi-bent position. And the back after the birth ache a bit. A small bath, especially anatomical, will help out. In such a bath, the crumb does not slip under the water: thanks to the support under the back, his head is constantly above the water, so an adult is easier to maintain it. Another argument in favor of the most convenient baby bath for a small child: sometimes it becomes necessary to buy a baby in herbs, because a large bath of broth requires a lot. Chamomile has antibacterial action, promotes healing of diaper rash. The succession due to tannic substances fights with a puff and diathesis. Sometimes neurologists advise to bathe the baby in sedative collections, which have a beneficial effect on the nervous system of crumbs. But always consult a pediatrician before putting the baby in a bath of herbs! After all, it is not known how the tender skin will react to this or that composition.

Naturally, in marching conditions, for example,Cottage or on the base of rest a small bath is irreplaceable. Let the baby from the nappies get used to being clean under any circumstances! Are you going to have a rest in a hotel with a bathroom? All the same without a baby bath can not do. You will not bathe the baby in a public bath! By the way, about microbes. Pediatricians claim: the baby can and should be introduced to bacteria from the outside world - so his immunity is strengthened, he becomes accustomed to fighting potential pathogens of ailments. However, this applies only to "native", domestic bacteria. Before bathing the crumbs in a large family bath it is enough to wipe it with soda. But from the "alien" microbes the young child should be taken care of. His immunity is not strong enough to resist unknown infections. By the way, in some children's baths there is a special antibacterial coating.

Accessories for bathing

To make bathing a pleasure for the whole family, and not an annoying necessity, remember some simple rules.

The baby does not need washing with soap orOther means more often than once a week. Remains of milk around the lips and baby sweat is best washed with plain water - this will prevent the skin from drying out. Wash baby with soap every day will be when he starts to crawl.

Do you want to soak up the baby in a fragrant foam? Choose the most qualitative means. Cosmetics should contain only natural ingredients and have the following inscriptions on the package: "Dermatologically tested", "Hypoallergenic". And after bathing to prevent irritation, do not forget to lubricate the body of crumbs with baby oil.

Toys in the bathroom are relevant for the baby aboutMonths from three, when he learns to confidently hold a rattle. Until then, the main attention of the baby when immersing the body in the water is focused on tactile sensations. Do you feel that the baby has come to play? They "put" a bath with dots and boats that can swim and squeak. Tell me what it is called and what actions the toys perform. A great opportunity to develop speech and coordination of crumbs! True, toys should not be much, so that the attention of your swimmer is not dissipated. Still, the main thing in bathing is the water and gentle hands of mom and dad.

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