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Harmful medicines: how to be treated, not to fall ill


This widely known antipyretic agent -Very harmful medicine for children. It can do much harm to the child's organism. And it's not just that, against the background of high temperature, aspirin further increases vascular permeability. Although this may be sufficient: the greater the permeability of the vessels, the higher the probability of bleeding. Half the trouble, if it's bleeding from the nose. Much worse if it is from the internal organs. In addition, aspirin given to children against a high temperature, in some can cause Reye syndrome - a serious disease accompanied by rashes, which affects the nervous system, liver, kidneys and other internal organs. This disease occurs very rarely, but is deadly. So think three times, how to be treated, so as not to get sick from the medicine itself.


Antipyretics are not the most harmful drugs. Moreover, their use at high temperatures is justified. However, any antipyretic can not be given more than four times a day. They refer to paracetamol, nurofen and their analogues. Even such a safe "child" remedy, like paracetamol, when used in very high doses can cause bleeding, abdominal pain, liver and kidney damage.

Boric and levomycetinic alcohol.

You can not bury their children in their ears with otitis,Because these remedies can cause burns. If you use alcohol, then only laying them in the ear on the turunda, which rolls from the cotton wool. But recently, doctors generally advised to abandon these "primitive" drugs. Many may object: they say, before the otitis was always treated with alcohol preparations. But then there were no other means, but today there is, so is it worth choosing what is worse?

Anesthetics for abdominal pain.

Any pain medication should not be given withPain in the abdomen. Their use "lubricates" the symptoms and prevents the correct diagnosis. If the pain in the abdomen lasts more than half an hour or increases, call for an ambulance.

Constipation for diarrhea.

It is important to understand what is the cause of the disorder of the stool. And only after this, begin treatment. Otherwise, you can "miss" the onset of a serious infectious disease, which is neglected in a neglected form.

Manganese (as a means inside).

The question is, can the banal permanganateBe a harmful medicine? After decades, we washed the stomach with poisoning solution of potassium permanganate. However, in our time, doctors recommend to abandon this grandmother's remedy. What is the reason? It turns out that many parents incorrectly dissolve manganese, and crystals remain in the solution. These crystals can cause a burn of the stomach and intestines. Therefore, use potassium permanganate for external purposes only. Make sure that there is not a single crystal in the solution. To do this, the prepared solution is recommended to be poured through gauze into another container before use.


Antibiotics are harmful when used improperly. Doses of antibiotics are calculated depending on the weight of the child, and not on age. In addition, tablets of the same agent may have a different dosage. Therefore, half a tablet you need to take or a quarter, can not be determined in advance. Exceeding the dose of antibiotics can cause complications, and the appointment unnecessarily - unnecessary side effects. Therefore, before giving a doctor to a child, antibiotics should not be given at all.

Homeopathic remedies.

Their appointment is strictly individual, and people,Far from medicine, it can be difficult to predict what impact they will have on the body. In addition, the effect of these drugs is very dependent on the dose, on the age at which the child is found, on the structure of his organism. These medicines can only be prescribed by a doctor!

Hormonal tablets.

You should not give yourself permission to give your child hormones,Because they can have unpredictable consequences. Only a doctor can prescribe a safe and proper dose, and this is done in most cases in a hospital.

I hope that thanks to the article about harmfulMedicines, how to be treated, so as not to get sick from the treatment itself - you can save yourself and your children. Remember that the child can not be treated "by the example of a neighbor". If a neighbor's baby was helped by some pills, this does not mean that they will be just as effective for your baby. Treatment of the child should appoint a doctor! And do not forget that these recommendations are relevant not only for the treatment of children, but also for adults.

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