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What you need to buy for a baby

It's better to start shopping gradually, in advance. You can do this during maternity leave. Do not tighten with the most necessary things until the last moment, because it is not always known when the delivery can begin. To forget nothing, it is better to make a list of things in advance, consisting of different categories. Armed with this list can not only parents. Give it to grandmothers, grandfathers, friends - all who want to take part in the pleasant efforts to purchase a dowry for the baby.

The list can be endless, so let's look at what you need to buy for your baby.

Firstly, they are means of hygiene. To process the umbilical wound, hydrogen peroxide and zelenka are needed, and potassium permanganate for bathing. You will need cotton wool, cotton buds, sterile gauze. They can be taken at once a lot, in reserve. When changing diapers, it is very convenient to use wet napkins. Of course, if you care about the baby's health, you should not get involved with diapers, but immediately after you leave the hospital, several diapers should be at your fingertips at all times. To process the folds on the skin, depending on the preferences, take baby oil or talc.

To bathe a baby is more convenient in a small nurseryBath or in the basin, in a large bath to bathe a child is dangerous. There are children's baths with a "hill", they are especially convenient in cases where no one helps you while bathing your baby. Wet the water with a large towel or a warm diaper. Think, maybe you need to buy some more plastic cups for water and a ladle.

When bathing a child, you need to monitor the temperaturewater. For this purpose, a water thermometer is often bought, but if you trust your senses, you do not need to take it. Nevertheless, such thermometer is useful to you and when you will heat milk or a children's mixture.

Check the operation of the home iron, becauseYou now have to iron a lot of children's things. Old irons of domestic production, which are still preserved in some families, may not be suitable for such a mission. This applies in the first place to those irons with which synthetic materials have stroked a lot. Their sole is heavily soiled and worn during cleaning. Such an iron can spoil the child's things or leave dirty spots on them. It is better to buy a new iron with a smooth sole, ironing it will be much faster and more hygienic.

In order to shave the child's nails, you needBe sure to buy a pair of scissors with rounded ends. Before use, the scissors are treated with alcohol. A special comb for babies has rounded ends on the teeth, and hair brushes are usually made of natural bristles.

You need to buy a special baby for the kidFirst-aid kit, which immediately has all the necessary medicines that may be needed to treat a child. Usually in the medicine cabinet there is already a thermometer, because doctors recommend to measure the temperature in children every day, in the mornings.

To ensure that tender baby skin is not irritated by detergents, you need a baby soap and a detergent for children.

The child must sleep somewhere, so he needsA cot and a stroller. It is better to choose a crib made entirely of wood, such cribs are more durable and are not guaranteed to emit harmful substances. However, sometimes it happens that newborn babies are more comfortable sleeping in a stroller.

To feed a child you will need at leastTwo bottles: one for milk or a mixture and one for water. To wash the bottle well, you need to buy a brush. If you are going to buy a pacifier, you need to buy two pieces at once. While you are treating one of them from dirt, the other will be in the baby.

This is a short list of what is mandatoryBuy for baby. All of the above things will be needed to care for the child in the very first days of his life, so they must be taken care of beforehand.

There are many more things besides those listed, whichIt will be necessary to buy for the baby, but you can do it later. For example, for bathing you will need a shampoo "without tears" and a soft baby washcloth. To bathe the baby better still not in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, but in a bath with herbs: a turn, chamomile, etc.

If you are afraid that milk will go missing, you can buy a mixture of children in advance.

For storage of all children's accessories is betterTake one place, and the corresponding accessories for hygiene should be directly next to the place where you will swaddle the child, wash it.

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