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Healthy eating a child of two years

With all the famous main and first sign,Reminding that the baby's time to translate to independent nutrition is the appearance of the baby's first teeth. By itself, the process of transition to the independent feeding of the child, long enough and complex.

The transition to self-feeding shouldOccur gradually and without harm to the health of the baby. At the first stage, starting from the age of 6 months, the baby begins to be fed with infant formulas. They are given to the baby, alternating with breast milk, that it would be easier for him to restructure on a new diet. If you stop sharply feeding your baby with breast milk, this can be a traumatic stage in his life, and women themselves are emotionally experiencing this period.

Children up to two years old are fed mainly by childrenNutrition, the most common are baby purees, divorced kashki and rubbed soups. At this time, the baby begins his first taste of taste. In the stores baby food is sold in any form, more often baby puree meets with apple taste or pear taste. But here a variety of mushrooms are made more often from more sweet fruits, for example with the taste of bananas, oranges and even pineapples. As a rule, it is not recommended to constantly feed a baby with such mixtures, because all these fruits can cause an allergic reaction in the child. And although children like this kind of baby food, it is better to give preference to apple juices that contain more nutrients and vitamins. In any case, after the introduction of various mixtures to the baby's nutrition, it is worth following its reaction and at the very first symptoms of allergy stop adding to its diet of infant formula data.

The choice of children's formulas should also be approachedSeriously and with great responsibility, since the healthy diet of a child of two years must be varied. Pay attention to the quality of products. After all, many children's mashed potatoes and mushrooms, which flaunt on the shelves in the store, contain a lot of unwanted chemicals, artificial flavors. It will be much better if you make these mixtures for your baby from natural products.

The second stage is characterized by the fact that to nutritionThe baby begins to add, not just grated vegetables and fruits, but also full-fledged "adult" food. Beginning usually this stage from 7 months, but still it's too early for kids. In many European countries and in the US, children are beginning to accustom to such food, only after a year, and sometimes two years.

Of course, for the baby it will be difficultTo rebuild to a new life. At first he will get used to using spoons and forks. And the first time he will get it badly, so parents need to get more patience and for several months to teach the baby the proper use of cutlery.

And of course, it's important not only to teach the babyCorrectly eat independently, without the help of parents, but also to teach the baby to eat healthy. Do not give the baby large portions of food and make everyone eat at a time. The kid himself must determine his norm. He will understand how much he needs, because the baby's stomach is still small, and overeating will not do him any good.

Secondly, you can add to your baby's nutritionGradually more and more kinds of varied food. This is fruits, vegetables, bread, vermicelli, meat and porridge. In large quantities it is necessary to give the baby different dairy products, it can be cottage cheese, glazed curds, which children love very much, yoghurts. The main thing is that the food should be varied, and a lot of flowers prevailed in it. Also, the baby needs to be taught 3 or 4 times a day, preferably according to a certain schedule. And finally, do not neglect the healthy diet of a child of two years, because at this age the stomach of children is very sensitive to poor-quality food.

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