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How to increase the appetite of an infant

Many or few?

There are age-specific standards of growth, body weightAnd the volume of food, but do not take them as an absolute. The desire to "feed" the baby everything that he "must" eat, can repel the appetite for a long time. If the baby successfully develops, if he has healthy hair and teeth, smooth clean skin, - everything is in order.

Your actions

Do not insist that the child eat everything thatIt is necessary. If you feed your child a healthy, diverse and biologically valuable food, his body will get everything you need. And being subjected to psychological pressure, can not master even a little of what he ate.

Do not press, but the mode

"My 1,5-year-old son does not want anything, there is -Complains Mom. - Raises the son at 10.00, and even later. Breakfast is stretched from 11.00 to 12.00. Dinner at 4 pm, and after a sleep his appetite is bad. " It is not uncommon - there is no regime, put the child and sit down at the table at different times - there comes a failure in the production of gastric juice and digestive enzymes, which means that the appetite also gets lost. Disorderly nutrition is the path to disturbances in the digestive system. Your actions. For a start, you need to establish a dream. Lay the crumb into bed at the same time, ideally at 21 o'clock. Be patient. At the next stage, set the time for the morning "wake up" and breakfast.For the week, you can give the child different cereals in the morning.Use whole grains - they preserve the structure of protein and many vitamins.With a couple of hours after breakfast give the crumb fruit, berries or freshly squeezed juice. If breakfast was easy, offer a vegetable dish, cottage cheese or a sandwich.

Many parents are wondering how to improveAppetite in an infant. Lunch is good to start with a spoon-another salad or puree from raw vegetables. Then soup (50-60 ml, to find a place for the second dish, every day is different). And a few sips of compote without sugar. All this must be given to the crumb to find out how to increase the appetite of an infant.

Afternoon snack
- curdled milk, yogurt or kefir with a slicecookies. For dinner (no later than 19.00) - vegetable dish or fish soufflé with mashed potatoes. If the child is hungry before going to bed, it is enough to drink a cup of sour milk drink or a little warm milk with honey.

Observe the time of each meal, and the child will have an appetite on time. Even if the baby ate a little, the food will be absorbed well and will benefit.

In days of illness

There are also serious reasons for the lack of appetite. For example, when a child is sick, even if everything is limited to a runny nose and a cough. Does the patient refuse food?

Your actions

You do not need to persuade or force a baby to eat. Prepare the compote, broth of dogrose, drinks from raspberries, cranberries, broth of black currant. Give the child a little, but often. As soon as he goes on the mend, the appetite will return itself.

Disease almost always leads to depressionEnzymatic systems, so digestion and in the recovery period is difficult. A gentle diet is needed, which is better absorbed. If earlier the child ate food in large pieces, now the meat should be grinded, and the vegetables should be given in the form of mashed potatoes. Very useful cottage cheese and other dairy products.

Sweet temptation

Send the crumb to visit his relatives or invite a nanny, and put on her the duty to feed the baby ... certainly in your absence.

The child's appetite also depends to a large extent onFood, which is given to him by his mother. After all, not all children, for example, love, eat semolina porridge or drink any drinks that they do not like. It is easier for a child to be taught to eat what you ate in childhood, and an older child is a real problem!

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