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The role of children's fairy tales in the upbringing of children

Therefore, if adults want to help explainSomething to the child, to support it, one has to remember the language of childhood - a fairy tale. Reading and telling tales, we develop the child's inner world. Children who have read fairy tales from an early age begin to speak more correctly. A fairy tale helps to form the basis of behavior and communication. The role of children's fairy tales to develop the child's imagination and imagination, as well as his creative potential.

For reading fairy tales, it is important to choose the "right"Time when the child will be calm and in a good mood. You can do this before going to bed, when there is time to discuss the tale. To read it is necessary with pleasure and not to be distracted, it will bring more advantage and positive emotions. Fairy tales expand the knowledge of children. The form of perception of good and evil in adults is not imaginative. Children can not perceive information in this form, they need imagery, play.

The role of children's fairy tales in the upbringing of children can notBe not seen. The child, presenting images, learns to understand the inner world of heroes, empathize with them and believe in the power of good. The role of children's fairy tales is not limited only to pleasant pastime. Tales can be considered as a way of removing anxiety in a child.

With the help of fairy tales, one can help overcome the negative aspects of the emerging personality. Choosing a fairy tale for a child must necessarily take into account the features of your child's psycho-emotional development.

Children's tales expand the baby's vocabulary,Help to properly build a dialogue, develop coherent logical speech. It is equally important to make the child's speech emotional, beautiful, imaginative. An ability to ask questions is being formed. Similarly, in education, in addition to intuitive formation of the foundations of oral speech, special education is necessary. Great importance should be given to the construction of words, sentences, word combinations. Very important is the connection between the verbal and mental activities of children. The fairy tale still should promote dialogue.

The task of raising children with fairy tales is quite complicated. You must take into account a number of points related to the characteristics of your child. In folk tales there is a centuries-old folk wisdom. Very often fairy tales are accused of terrible realism. The child perceives cruel actions, which the adult sees, figuratively. If the child, repeatedly, saw scenes of violence on TV, he will not be able to perceive it figuratively in fairy tales. It is necessary to explain to the child that the bad must perish.

In fairy tales, good always wins - it is veryIt is important in the education of children in fairy tales. Then it will be easier for him to cope with life's difficulties. Life will make its own corrections, but nothing disappears in the subconscious.

Your attitude to the fairy tale is also important. If you also feel that this is another, fairy-tale world, then tell her more interesting.

Books with pictures interfere with listening to fairy tales. After all, the artist sees everything differently than your child. Be sure to read the final phrase, it will share the tales from each other. If you read fairy tales with good diction, clearly pronouncing all sounds, you will do without visits to the speech therapist.

One and the same fairy tale can be read to a child a lotOnce, it will help him to understand its meaning. When he understands the essence of the tale, it will not be interesting to him. Everyone can find in the fairy tale what is clear and close to him. Through a fairy tale, you can instill in your child a love of reading.

The fairy tale should be fully used inFamily in the child's upbringing. Through a fairy tale, it is easier for a child to understand what is "good" and what is "bad". The child presents himself as a positive fairy-tale hero.

A fairy tale is one of the most accessible means,For the full development of the child. It is not necessary to minimize the role of children's fairy tales in the upbringing of children. If you correctly choose fairy tales with the age characteristics of children, you can positively influence the emotional state of the child. Correct and improve its behavior.

Tales should be included in the plan for the upbringing of children asMeans of personality education. The purpose of fairy tales should be the development in the child of data from the nature of emotions. The action of such books should be aimed at developing the feelings of children, and not on their minds. If you pay attention to unloved and favorite heroes of the child, you can identify and correct the possible psychological problems of the child in time. The child's fantasy can easily be directed both to the positive and to the negative direction of development. It is better to start with fairy tales having a simple plot. Education with a fairy tale should help bring up self-reliance and self-reliance.

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