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Family education of children with developmental disabilities

Parents stay on their own with a sick child,If they do not want to give it to specialized institutions. Family education of children takes an important role in the development of children. With the correct approach and education of children, some defects can be eliminated completely, and with some you can learn to fully live. At present, elements of pedagogy are being developed, which include sections of special literature that teach parents who deal with such babies. Now there are new methods and approaches to the education of children who have problems in development. The most important thing is to put the right diagnosis in such children, the sooner a diagnosis is made, the greater the chances that this will not be reflected in the future on the child's mental state. If parents notice problems with hearing, then timely installation of the hearing aid allows the child to develop fully.

When raising a child, parents should remember,That if during the first days of development the baby does not receive caresses from parents, they do not talk to him and do not take him in his arms, in time such a child will lag behind in development. An example of such a case, may be abandoned children who have not experienced maternal affection. Such children lag behind in physiological and psychological development.

It will be difficult for the kid to learn new material inSchool, make decisions in adulthood. With such a problem, foster parents face when taking children from orphanages. After all, many children who were deviated in development through love and upbringing became full-fledged people. This emphasizes the importance of helping professionals to people who are ready for the family education of children with developmental disabilities.

But still if your family is educatedInferior child, learn to find the right approach to it. Such a child creates many difficulties for parents in education and training. He needs a special approach and requires more attention. Very often the only place of upbringing and education of children who lag behind in development is the house and all the worries lie on the shoulders of parents and loved ones. Schools for such children have complex programs, and after all, these children demand an individual approach, very often parents can not afford to pay for additional services of specialists. To bring up such children must be approached creatively and then the effects of your work will not be long to wait.

If the child has problems in the development of speech, then withThey need to be engaged every day, first let them repeat simple words for you, and then complex and whole phrases together. Repeating words can be used in developing games, include children's songs. The main systematic training and repetition of words.

Family education of children with developmental disabilities is well-proven physical exercises that positively affect the children's body.

Physical exercises discipline the baby, which will be useful in adult life.

Children who are in the orphanage are veryOften - these are the children of parents who used drugs and alcohol, unwanted children. These children very often have problems with growth, deviations in neuropsychological development, they have a high propensity to various diseases due to lack of healthy immunity. That is, the central nervous system is broken, which affects the development of motor motility, the emotional sphere.

That is why the family upbringing of such childrenAdoptive parents should not take the last place in physical education. Teach your children to organize their day, discipline them. Before sports, consult specialists: neurologist, pediatrician, trainer - they will help to develop a certain load on the baby's body. The organization of the regime of the day affects the physical, neuro-psychological development of the child. Such children have problems with sleep, then during the classes it is good to include music, which acts soothingly on the baby's organism and facilitates the period of falling asleep.

Games for these children must be developing, andAimed at developing emotional reactions - it's a smile, various grimaces. To develop visual and auditory spheres, will teach children to follow the sound. For this purpose, games are played with musical accompaniment. Children also benefit from massage and hardening of the body, which positively affects the central nervous system.

The most important thing in dealing with these children is to have patience with them, to believe in them and show their love for them, because love works wonders.

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