/ / Cleanliness is the guarantee of the health of the child

Cleanliness is the guarantee of a child's health

Therefore, every day, and sometimes twice, we patiently take up the habitual business of fighting microorganisms and obsessive dust. Mine, clean, air and lay out everything in its place.

The earlier, the easier

Many mothers try to clean in the nursery in the firstHalf the day. It is right! You just woke up and are full of energy, in addition, the principle of "doing business - walk boldly" in the upbringing of the baby can be used literally - to enter the rule after cleaning immediately to go to fresh air.Can be able to establish a "clean-up" at about the same time - this will help and organize the baby, and you will gather your thoughts. After sleep, first of all, cover the baby cot - unnecessary dust to the child to anything. Change baby bed enough once a week. Before laying fresh bed linen, it must be ironed.

Together fun

Give the child the opportunity toHelp you in household chores. With the right approach, a little prankster will clean his toys with even more enthusiasm than throwing. Take on the matter with pleasure, showing the child a positive emotional example. There is an opportunity to start a new business for a crumb with Dad - use it! Gradually, the child will begin to understand that everyone in the family has responsibilities, which are honorable and pleasant to perform. Create the right "labor" mood will help otnalochki or just funny lines.

Similar joking
"Three pritopa, two prihlopa" - and the crumb is ready forHarvesting feats. After all, he knows that in the process of daily cleaning, interesting discoveries await him! Let for him it will be another fascinating game - to plant the animals in the forest, build the cars in the park, arrange the dolls more comfortable. When you are just beginning to involve a baby in regular cleaning, it is important to connect the fantasy in choosing such a game. On Monday, you are depicting a "magnet" - as if "scattered" toys "stick" to the pens, which "tear" just above the desired box, they look for treasure on Tuesday, and on Wednesday turn into squirrels.

Convenience in the details

The biggest "violators of order" in the nursery -This is a toy. A good solution for their storage is a few low capacities. In them the kid can easily lay out his "treasures" in places, as well as without problems get the right thing from the very bottom of each box.In addition, small fragile toys in such containers will not choke and crumple.In such "mini lockers" You can easily adapt any packaging left over from small household appliances, but at least a container of pasta! By pasting different-sized cardboard boxes with self-adhesive film, we get excellent boxes that are easy to take care of and which, with the advent of new ideas, are not a pity to throw. If there are more toys in your house than the baby uses, hide the extra ones. Then 2-3 weeks later, they again will be interesting to him, and the rest in the meantime will be easier to clean.

And if, in addition to collecting a scattered car park orAn animal glade, to entrust the child "more important things", for example, to wipe a bookshelf with a special rag, the work will bring him great pleasure.

There is a struggle for purity
- the health of the child, I wipe and grow!

As for books, it is better to keep them in closedShelves or boxes - wiping dust from them is much easier than with each spine or cover. Soft toys - a potential source of allergens - take out of the nursery away. In extreme cases, all the "plush and fur" can be hidden in the closet - maybe a crumb and completely forget about his fluffy zoo .To care for washing toys is much more convenient, once a week just rinse them with plain water or wash with baby soap. "Stuffed" a plastic duck or the inside of a machine of porridge, so much so that it is impossible to wash the remains of food, the toy will have to be thrown away.

Once washed - again three

Daily cleaning of a child's room is a matterTroublesome, but necessary. Carpets vacuum every day, ideally - roll in a tube and send to the cottage. In this case, the daily intervention of the vacuum cleaner will require only upholstered furniture. Chests, shelves, window sills, radiators wipe with a damp rag. Once a week, go vacuuming through the walls - dust settles on them, too. Pediatricians recommend washing the floor in the children's room twice a day, although for many parents it is expensive. It is believed that busy mom and dad can be limited to morning cleaning. However, do not be too lazy to repeat the morning procedure before bed. Time will take a little, and the benefit is serious for your child. Armed with a mop, get to the most inaccessible places - otherwise the dust behind the sofa or under the closet will gather your fidgeting. Add to the water for washing the floor disinfectants can be no more than once a week, and in the period of colds and flu - every three days.

Fresh Fresh

Air a little child's nursery roomonce a day. The weather outside the window should not be in this hindrance! Intensive airing in the morning after sleep will purify the air of carbon dioxide, and the evening "general" - it guarantees your sun a strong and restful sleep.In the cold season, always open the window for at least 15 minutes every three hours.As long as the room is filled with fresh air, take the kid an interesting affair in Another room - read to him a fairy tale in the living room or feed a delicious dessert in the kitchen.In summer, the window can be left open during the day, and at night, even day and night. Open the windows, going for a walk - then to the return From the street, the air will again be fresh and saturated with oxygen.To prevent the invasion of dust and insects, hang an improvised gauze filter on the windowpane - it will not only stop mosquitoes, but some dust will take over .As for curtains, it is better to dispense with light curtains The room will have as much sunshine as possible!

Verified Helpers

The air in the nursery should not only be fresh, butAnd optimally wet. Even without a hygrometer it is not difficult to determine whether air needs humidification. To do this, swipe the sill with a wet cloth and wait 15 minutes. If the trail disappeared, it's time to take action. Use for this purpose, special settings are not necessary, especially if you are against additional noise and electromagnetic waves. Saturate air with moisture can help simple "grandfather" ways: 1) wet cleaning, 2) wet diaper on the battery, 3) spraying the plants twice a day from the spray gun (several pots of flowers, with proper watering, provide the children's room with sufficient humidity).

Special conditions

If your baby is allergic, clean - bailHealth of the child, in his room you need to give even more time and attention. First of all, get rid of your favorite "fluffy dust collectors." Eliminate the living area (allergic reactions can cause not only saliva and animal hair, but also food for aquarium fish.) Most houseplants in this case, too, unwanted neighbors - sooner or later they bloom. Wall-papers of a wall paint hypoallergenic paint, and furniture let will be from a natural tree, avoid soft upholstery and fur in a decor.Moisturizers promote occurrence of a mold, it is better to replace them with an ozonizer. Be healthy!

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