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Car Seat for Growing Young Children

At the dawn of the "children's armchair"
Babies' seats were designed, rather, to protectthe driver of the pranks of the child than to protect the baby on the way, they were fixed with kids is very conditional. Whether it's now! Among the proposed diversity today - seating for every taste and age. To replace the car seat for the growing small children for a newborn arrives seat convertible, it is easy "growing" together with your child about safety crumbs in the car you should consider before birth -. Let the road will be easy, since the way from the hospital Unfortunately, even. case of light collision, my mother's hands will not be a reliable protection for the delicate little spine, so it is better not to risk it, because the road is unpredictable. The main selection criteria are simple. As long as the baby can sit alone, it transported only in the supine position. T lo and head crumbs should be securely fixed to 6 months long trips give up.

The best option
Up to 1 year - car seat for growing smallChildren, which is attached to the car. Children in the car often fall asleep and it is important that the seat is easily placed in the "rest" position. Find information about how different models of car seats have shown for growing young children during special tests, but, in addition to safety, do not forget about convenience. If an armchair is perfect for a child in terms of height and weight, if it does not press and interfere with anything, your sun will ride with pleasure, and you will have a pleasant and relaxing journey.

Concord transformer

Pros: Original design and increased functionality. It is easy to adapt to the growth of the child - it is worthwhile to press the button and it opens like a flower - "grows" in height and width. There are 2 options for securing the car seat - TwinFix.


The isofix mount and side impact protection guarantee the highest level of safety. Adjustable armrests, headrest and backrest, upholstery - hypoallergenic tissues.


Recognized as the safest car seat forGrowing young children in Europe. Reliably fixes the child, not limiting freedom of movement. Fastened in positions for sleeping and sitting, plus four backrest tilt positions!


In addition to the standard kit, there is an additional soft insert for the smallest, and a secret pocket for small items, and the adjustment of the backrest in 3 positions - from sitting to half-lying.


Armchair for travel of babies from birth to15 months, with a position for sleep and rest, with lateral support and a fixed headrest. In addition, a carrying handle, a removable cover and a sun awning are included.


Seat belts with soft lining and a three-step height adjustment allow this pink miracle to "grow" with the child.The body is made of environmentally friendly materials.


The deep landing and enveloping design will protectFrom jolts on a rough road, and a special insert guarantees correct support of the baby's spine. The central locking of the safety belt with a special system guarantees the closure of the locks.


The spacious dimensions of the structure provideThe correct position of the head and shoulders of the child. The inner layer of polystyrene damages shocks during the movement of the car. From 12 months to 12 years (back - removable).

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