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How to disaccustom a child to suck fingers?

It is possible that this is preceded by any events, disturbances, fears. And only after establishing the obvious cause of such actions, one can think how to wean the child to suck fingers.

Very often the baby pulls his hands into his mouth at a time when something is disturbing him, when there are any events from which the child is uneasy and uncomfortable.

The child is anxious when he is scolded or forbidden. Child Begins to suck his fingers and this action calms him. To disaccustom a child to suck fingers, you need to find for him a different way of comforting.

Sometimes it happens that to find some otherThe child can not simply calm down. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to help an adult who will tell you how to behave and find what to calm down. For example, some people calm down with music and dance, so why not show this way To the kid? Maybe that's what will stop him from sucking his fingers.

When a child is more than a year and a half, you needTry to just explain to him that pulling your fingers in your mouth is not very good. And to suggest how to cope with negative emotions, but the child is still small and understand what will be difficult.
Parents can be attracted to the explanation of fairy-taleHeroes, whom the child knows and loves. For example, about the feeling of resentment tells a fairy tale "Zaykin's hut", where the bunny was offended, because he was kicked out of his own house. But after all, he talked to his neighbors, And he felt better. It is important to teach the child to talk about his experiences, and not to conceal them in himself. A little later, the child will understand that in difficult situations you need to ask for help, instead of poking your fingers into your mouth. To the child realized this faster, parents need to monitor him and explain. In addition, it is important and how in the family where the child lives, parents talk about their own feelings.

The next A very common reason for "sucking"Fingers is an attempt to fall asleep. Thus, the child seems to relax and fall asleep more quickly. In this case, sucking becomes a ritual before falling asleep. What should parents do? It is necessary to invent another ritual of going to sleep, not associated with sucking your fingers. Before going to bed, it is advisable to play quiet games, then bathing, massage, which will relax. Parents should sit next to the child, read to him the tales, you can be allowed to take to bed your favorite toy. It's great if one of the parents stays with the baby while he falls asleep, which will add to his calmness and confidence.

Very often the fingers in the baby's mouth fall intoThe moment when he watches cartoons alone. In general, it is commonly believed that a child pulls his hands in the mouth from loneliness, when he literally has nothing to do.
Therefore, the parents' task is to give the child more time, watch cartoons together, read books, dance, then, perhaps, the kid will forget what fingers are in his mouth.
If, however, sucking fingers becomes obtrusiveIdea, no tricks do not help to cope with this problem, then, probably, it would be advisable to contact a psychologist who, after a conversation with his parents, will reveal the true cause of the problem and prompt ways to resolve it as soon as possible. And parents, before a visit to a psychologist, it is necessary to follow the child's behavior in order to answer all questions of the doctor at the reception.

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