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A room, a stroller and a baby cot

A room for the baby.

If the baby from birth will live in his room,Then before his birth you need to do a thorough preparation of the children's room. It is best to carry out repairs in it, which should, however, be completed a few months before the birth of a new settler. Need to re-paint the window frames, window sills (if they are wooden). Make a quality flooring in the room is equally important. The smell of building materials, glue, paints and solvent should completely erode. All these smells are harmful to the health of the baby. When preparing a room, focus not on the child's infant age, but on the one when your baby begins to study the space surrounding it independently. It seems to you that this will not happen soon, but you are mistaken. Therefore, it is not necessary to store in the children's room the beating objects, medicines, things dangerous for the baby.

Children's room should be comfortable forDaily wet cleaning. It is better not to overload it with various unnecessary furniture and things that collect dust. Do not use in carpets and rugs. The room should be fresh, spacious, ventilated. When choosing floor coverings, choose the ones by which the baby will be comfortable and comfortable creeping. The floor must be clean and warm.

The walls of the room are covered with light wallpaper of calm, pastel tones, the windows should have tight curtains to protect the baby from too bright sunlight.

From furniture for convenience in the nursery shouldThere is a small table (a chest of drawers) for changing, which can easily replace an ordinary wide desk with a bedside table for storing children's things. It is better to store baby's toilet accessories in a closed nightstand. Feed the baby comfortably in a low armchair with armrests. You also need a shelf or a nightstand, where you can put bottles.

Cot for the baby.

Baby cot is designed for toddlers fromBirth to 3 years. The main property of a crib is stability, as it is not far off that time when the baby will get up in it and even swing it. The bed should never be unsteady and turned over.

The mattress should be hard with a flat surface,So that the spine and the skeleton of the baby develop correctly from birth. The mattress is covered with an oilcloth, which is covered with a flannel sheet. From a pillow it is better to refuse absolutely, or to get rigid and flat, in all width of a bed. A soft down pillow is not recommended to use, both for safety and for the health of the baby.

Stroller for the baby.

Most of the requirements young parents always make to wheelchairs. And this is not surprising. Carriages are very expensive today.

The stroller must be hygienic, since itOften runs and dusts. In a high stroller, less dust falls. The stroller must be stable and reliable, as children like to look out of it and look around.

For a baby in the stroller put a mattress, which breaks the sheet. For toddlers, the older ones put a small flat cushion in the stroller, if they are going sitting.

In the complete set to a carriage it is necessary to be applied a raincoatAnd a mosquito net. It is better to choose a stroller with a large basket for food to be able to walk with the baby in the store. It is also very convenient when the stroller has many pockets so that during long walks you can put children's accessories, a bottle of water, baby food.

There are summer strollers and strollers-transformers. Choose the one that will be most convenient for you.

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