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Methods for determining the sex of a child

The probability that a boy will be conceived orThe girl in terms of science is the same. But there are "rules", following which you can give birth to a child of the sex you want, these are methods that are applicable before conception.To determine the sex of the child there are also ways after conception.Many of these methods have no scientific basis, others in general are People's perceptions and fortune telling.The main thing is not to let the birth of a child of a certain gender become an obsession for you, because the most important is that he is born healthy.

First, consider the methods before conception. The first way to determine the sex of a child is associated with ovulation. Y-chromosomes move faster and in the period of ovulation first reach the oocyte. Then the probability of a boy's birth increases. Before ovulation, unfavorable conditions are created for the Y chromosomes, and they die. X-chromosomes reach the ovum and more likely the birth of a girl. Ovulation occurs on the 14-15 day of the menstrual cycle, which usually lasts 28 days. In practice this method proved to be the most reliable.

The second method is associated with a certain diet, orDiet. To conceive a boy, one must eat fatty foods, but with a small carbohydrate content, this includes products with a high content of potassium and sodium, and a low content of calcium and magnesium (smoked meat, peach meat, potatoes, legumes). For the girl, it needs a small amount of potassium and sodium, and a lot of calcium and magnesium (greens, dairy products). But so far this experiment was conducted only in mice and was successful in two out of three cases.

The sex of the child, possibly, depends on the frequencyHaving sex. If the couple does not depart from each other, then most likely there will be a boy. If there was a sufficient break in sex or the relationship is not sufficiently ardent, then most likely there will be a girl.

Another method to determine the sex depends on the bloodParents. Update of blood occurs in men every three years, and in women - once every four years. Whose blood is newer, that sex will be a child. It is necessary to calculate from the date of birth of future parents. But here you need to consider all the blood loss, including blood loss during menstruation and surgery. Although this method is quite reliable, but it is very easy to make a mistake.

Also, the sex of the child may depend on the ageMother. Young mothers are most often born boys (approximately 55%). A woman after 30 is more likely to give birth to a girl (53%). Girls are more enduring and more weakened by the mother's organism nature sends it more often.

The greatest probability of a boy's birth duringFirst birth. With each subsequent this probability is reduced by 1%. If the father is much older than the mother, then most likely the birth of a boy, and, conversely, the young fathers are more likely to have girls.

Now consider ways to determine the sex of the childAfter conception. First, it is medical research. During pregnancy, any woman has ultrasound (ultrasound). The whole procedure takes 5-10 minutes, the doctor determines the term, the position of the fetus and the placenta, how well the child develops normally. You can determine the sex already at 14-16 weeks, unless the child hides.

Reliable information about the child's field can be givenPrenatal diagnosis. This method consists of penetration into the uterine cavity, the study of amniotic fluid, the study of the chorion and the collection of umbilical cord blood. The object of research is the chromosome set of the child. This is a serious procedure, poses some risk for the child, so it is carried out only as directed by the doctor.

There are also non-medical methods to determine the gender of the child. For example, if a mother has a strong pulse in the area of ​​the ring finger on her right hand, then a boy will be born if the girl is on the left.

You can also observe the behavior of a pregnant womanwomen. If the first three months passed without complications, there were no problems with appetite, and she showed her stomach in every possible way, being proud that she would soon become a mother, they said that there would be a boy. If pregnancy begins badly, mommy does not eat well, and is embarrassed by her belly, going through loss of beauty, then there will be a girl.

Still they say that the girl takes away the beauty of her mother, and with the boys, on the contrary, women become more beautiful every day. Fathers say that bald men are more likely to have boys.

Previously, the sex of the baby was determined by the shape of the abdomen. If the stomach is big and sharp, it means that they were waiting for the boy, And if it is flat, then the girl. Although this method is not confirmed by modern doctors. They say that the shape of the abdomen depends not on the sex of the child, but on the structure of the mother's pelvis. If the pelvic bones are narrow, then the stomach will be large and sharp.

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