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Choosing clothes for the baby for the spring

The fabric of the inside of the clothing should beSoft and pleasant to the touch, so that the child does not rub and do not discomfort. Labels and tags should be made of some material, and not have sharp edges, otherwise it will be rather painful to wear such clothes to your child.

Secondly, the clothes for the spring should be prettySolid, so as not to require repair before the end of the season. Lightning should be strong and equipped with additional fasteners-buttons. All shoelaces must be treated with a special coating, and the kulisks have elastic springs, so that the child can not break them, disassemble, etc.

Thirdly, spring clothes should be warm. It should be borne in mind that at the beginning of the season you will need a fairly warm option, so the fabric should be tight, protecting from the wind, dirt repellent. Focusing on the fact that then the spring will be much warmer, you can choose your choice of clothes-transformer. This option has detachable pads and therefore it is easy to turn from a warm jacket into a windbreaker. Selecting it, you automatically solve the problem of choosing a lighter clothing for the child in the spring.

Fourth, to choose clothes should be with a margin. That is, you need to take into account that the child is constantly growing. And so the choice of clothes should be stopped on models 1-2 sizes larger, so that later, in the middle of the season, you do not have to spend again on the new kit. No discomfort will be given to the child, and aestheticism will not be disturbed either (in the end, sleeves and panties can be bent).

Fifth, any clothing for a child isExpression of his personality. She should raise his spirits and interest him. If the child is older, then give him the opportunity to choose the spring clothes himself, so it will be much more pleasant for her to wear, and you will not run into the fact that the baby will resist putting on this or that thing.

To make the right choice of clothes forA child in the spring must pay attention to fashion, because every parent wants that their child looked prettier and more fashionable. In such clothes your baby will feel most comfortable and will be able to quickly acquire a company of friends.

Clothes for the child should be safe. Pay special attention to ensure that all the details of clothing, small metal and plastic are securely attached and the child would not be able to break them or tear off. Since small children are all dragged into the mouth, such objects can be harmful to their life and health.

If your child is still very small, and you know,That he will walk with you, sitting in a stroller, then see that on the back of the clothes there were no seams that could put pressure on the baby's spine. Also, one should give preference to natural tissues that could allow the baby's skin to breathe. If you choose a overalls or panties look, they will be comfortable enough for the baby to wear with a diaper.

If your child is already grown up, then in such aThe case is more based on warm dense fabrics of modern bright colors. Today, children, just like adults like to dress brightly, so do not deprive them of such an opportunity. It is good, when on clothes there will be an additional knitted collars and sleeves, on some models, they can be even unfastened. Required and the presence of a hood, which would protect the child from wet spring snow or rain.

Also good, when the overalls, pants and bottomThe edge of the jacket is provided with a wide, but in no case not tight rubber band. Such a detail will ensure your baby comfort when wearing: clothes will not slide during the game, and hoodies stuffed into such panties will not bully. The wind does not penetrate the child's clothes, so the chances of catching a cold are minimized.

Correctly pick up children's clothes for the spring -The task is not simple. But it is on her choice depends on the health and comfort of your baby, so treat this purchase competently, and, of course, consider the desire and the very crumbs.

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