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What difference in age between children is considered most favorable for their joint growth and development?

If the difference in the ages of children from one year to two years,Then, in this case, there is a big load on the health of the mother, as she bore and gives birth to babies almost one after another. After the birth of the second child, the mother's body is doubly weakened and needs enough sleep and rest. Therefore, when children are pogodki, the educational load on the pope will also be quite large, especially in the first three years, when the kids are still dependent and require constant care and attention. To raise two kids, it's over, it's complicated. Prepare for the fact that you are facing double material costs.

But the children-pogodki often become the bestFriends from an early age. They usually visit the same kindergarten and school. They have common toys, common friends. Together they develop faster than their peers. Their difference in age is small, so there are no sharply distinguished concepts of "senior" and "junior". Younger baby will be easier to comprehend the world, because he is in everything for the elder.

When the difference in the age of children 3-4 years old,It's easier for parents to distribute their time between them, since the older child is already self-sufficient, goes to the kindergarten, has friends and interests. Mom can safely deal with the baby. Do not, however, forget that the eldest child is still a child, he also needs parental care and affection. Often older children are becoming jealous of parents for younger children, if they see that the latter is given much more attention. To further this jealousy does not affect the relationship between children, explain to the older child that you also love him, that when he was absolutely babe, the father and mother also caring for him carefully.

At a difference in the age of 3-4 years the senior childAlready able to help you with the baby, fulfill your instructions. But never leave the children alone. In the future, the younger child seeks to look like the eldest in everything, repeats after him. They usually do not like the elders, they try in every possible way to avoid communication with the younger ones, which leads to frequent conflicts. Parents should not neglect any of the children, so that between them there was no jealousy.

If the difference in the age of children exceeds 4 years,It is even more convenient for parents. Most families wait for this period: 4-5 years, and then give birth to a second child. During this period, parents can improve their living conditions, learn, move up the career ladder, and stabilize their family life. Such a difference in age between children will be ideal for those parents who gave birth to the first child at a fairly young age and experienced many difficulties at the beginning of family life.

For children, a big age difference is not alwaysIs favorable, since the eldest child for 4-5 or more years is used to consider himself an only child and receive all the attention of the pope and mother. He finds it difficult to tune in to the fact that soon there will be another member of the family with whom he will share not only his parents, but also toys, and even a room. It does not always happen. Often older children themselves beg for a sister or brother from their parents, and are very happy when he comes into the world. Their joy soon gives way to disappointment from the fact that the newborn brother is not yet able to read or play with the typewriter. When the child gets used to the baby, everything falls into place, he happily helps his mother in the care of the baby. For younger children, the minus of such a large age difference is that with increased parental attention, they often grow spoiled.

Speaking frankly, the ideal age differenceBetween children simply does not exist. You should focus on your parental flair and have children only when you are ready to educate them with love and understanding.

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