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The rules of survival with a hyperactive child

Have patience and endurance!
Accept the child as he is! This, perhaps, for parents, one of the most important rules of survival with a hyperactive child.
You can not pull down and abuse the baby for what heAll the time in motion. Due to the peculiarity of the nervous system, it is difficult for your child to sit still. Try to speak quietly and calmly. If you want to explain something to a child, make him hear, understand you, during a conversation, look the child in the eyes and hold his hands.
Try to create more joint crafts,Sculpt and draw, play entertaining and developing games. This allows you to develop thinking and assiduity. Remember for yourself some rules of survival with a hyperactive child.

Strip active activity With rest. In 3-4 years, the occupation for a hyperactive child should last no more than 7-10 minutes, and for children 6-7 years - 20-25 minutes. However, all children are individual. Maybe your six-year-old and 20 minutes will seem like a year. Do not force events. Remember, gradually accustom yourself to everything. Determine the time for which he is able to hold attention, and gradually, in a minute, increase it. Yes, it will take not one week and not one month, but the results will be sure!
It is necessary to be allowed to play mobile games, but to be extremely cautious with them, because The child may experience overexcitation.
Before the game starts, clearly define the rules. In advance, talk with the child that after the signal the game ends. Signals can be the word "Stop!", Cotton, bell bell, kick in the tambourine.

Let's play the "falling tower"
Together with the child you build a high tower of pillows. But at the same time you need to jump so that you do not destroy the walls.

"Fast slow"
This game teaches the child to control hisbehavior. Take any object and pass it to each other first slowly, then increasing the tempo, and then lowering. You can also walk, run, jump with a change in tempo. You always need to finish the game at a slow pace.

On a note
Excessive fussiness and nervousness of modernChildren - a real scourge of teachers, educators and parents. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be not only soft in relation to your hyperactive children, but also to know the measure of your "softness". If the child is too excited, and does not yield to your influence, then you will need to control stiffer. It should be made clear to the child that you are his parent, and in no case can you allow him to behave so badly. If parents behave affectionately and gently, in most cases, these children immediately manage to "sit on the neck" of their parents. Do not stop this situation on time, otherwise parents risk being succumbed to their influence for a long time. After all, if at a young age children become accustomed to something, grown up, it becomes more difficult to disaccustom them.

Explain crumbs, What is good and what is bad. Never scold and do not beat him in the presence of other children and adults. Teach him how to properly handle the elders and behave with other children. Often praise such a child, because there may be a lack of your attention and is the reason for such hyperactivity of the baby. Following all the above rules, you can re-educate the "bad boy" in a strong body and the spirit of the guy.
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