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Spend happy winter holidays

When you return to school, probably on the firstThe teacher will ask you to write an essay about how you spent your winter holidays. And then it may turn out that you have nothing to tell about. There are enough events for just one sentence: "I spent my holidays in front of the TV." Well, the maximum you can finish, that I managed to go for a couple of days to my grandmother. It's great if during the holidays the weather will make you happy with a snowfall, then you definitely will have something to do with your friends: if you want to, go skiing, you want to sport a toboggan or compete for the most beautiful snowman. If it is not clear outside the window that it's not very desirable to stick out of the house, you can come up with a lot of other entertainments. Let's make a list of classes that will make your holiday bright and cheerful. And you then add it yourself.

Make a wish plan
You probably already heard about thisAn interesting way "of realizing cherished desires. We vow - it works! So if you have not had time to apply this method in practice, now is the time to catch up. So, arm yourself with old magazines, scissors, glue, paper, and slowly start to work. You'll see, this is an incredibly exciting activity, because you, by and large, are building your own destiny for the whole next year. But, making a plan of desires, be extremely attentive. Try to formulate your wishes as clearly as possible, prescribing them on a poster under the pasted pictures. Spend a happy winter vacation, and we advise you not to hurry, you have enough time to think it through to the smallest details - this will only increase your chances of success!

Have a hen party
Agree that the gatherings in the company of girlfriends - noWith which incomparable pleasure. It's doubly interesting to get together on vacation with friends who are dear to you, but due to circumstances you have not seen each other for a long time or very rarely communicate. You will certainly have something to talk about. Gathered together, you can share news with each other, tell about the events that happened to you during this time. It will be great if you do not just sit down for a cup of tea, and arrange a real thematic mini-party, for example, sushi party, and you'll be doing it all together, preparing rolls and covering the festive table.

Watch new movies
Perhaps you have a whole list of classroomsMovies that you heard about from friends or acquaintances, but still did not find time to watch and evaluate them. So now everything is at your disposal! Sit back and enjoy watching. By the way, we advise you to do all this not in proud solitude. On vacation, you can invite your friends to visit your friends and arrange a joint viewing. It will be fun - you'll see!

Understand with promises
Well, remember, what a train of promises that youAll you can not do is stretch for you: to process in photoshop photos from the last party for the girl-friend, to help the younger sister with the pronunciation of English words, to go with your beloved to the ice rink. It is clear that because of studying time was sorely lacking. But now it's a vacation! Do not shrink, it's time to fulfill what you promised! Think of all the deferred affairs. The sooner you undress with all this, the easier it will be for you to enjoy rest, because you will no longer be pressured by the burden of various obligations.

Say "love!" To parents
Vacation - the most suitable time to giveAttention to family and friends. After all, on ordinary days you almost no time to talk: you are at school or hang out somewhere with friends, parents spend whole days at work, and in the evening they get tired. We are sure that Dad and Mom will be happy if you want to just chat with them. It does not matter which topic: you can remember a funny story from school life or even not talk at all, but just listen to them. In any case, they will be pleased with your attention. And you can also arrange a festive dinner for Christmas, surprising your relatives with your culinary skills. The smile and gratitude of the important people in your life are worth a lot.
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