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Choosing the right clothes for your baby

Children's clothes fascinate bright juicyFlowers, touching drawings, intricate patterns and appliqués. You try to choose the most convenient and beautiful things for your crumbs, but you do not always succeed? In the wardrobe of the baby there are many uncomfortable and impractical things? Let's try to solve this problem together. We hope that our tips and tips will help you find the perfect wardrobe for your baby. In these things the baby will be warm and comfortable.

Raspashonka or body?

Best bodys and so-called "little men". Their main advantage is that they do not twist, do not bully up on the back, like blouses or swingers. When choosing a "little man", pay attention to the fact that he unbuttoned from the neck and to the legs along the entire length. So it will be easier to wear. It is enough to spread out the "little man" on a changing table or bed, put the baby on it and fasten the buttons. There are models in which rivets only on the body. If you chose to use the panties, choose those that are fastened on the shoulder - in them your baby will be much more convenient, because it will not lie on hard buttons or buttons.

Clothes for the little ones.

Choosing clothes for a newborn baby, notBuy a lot of things of the 56th size. The karapuz will grow from the bottom in a few weeks. Therefore, buy 2-3 body-sized 56-th size, and the rest are more - just the 62nd. Plus 2-3 people. They can be dressed as at home, and for a walk under overalls, 3-4 blouses and sliders to them. Sliders should preferably be selected with buttons along the entire length of the legs.

Determine the size.

Choosing clothes for the child, remember that sheShould be sufficiently free, not to restrain the movement of the baby. The diaper under the clothes should also be placed freely. But the clothes should not be too spacious - so as not to be twisted and bent, thus creating discomfort to the crumb.

Some companies producing children's clothingDetermine the size of the growth of the baby, and others by the months of life. To find the right size for your baby, you only need to know the height of the baby or his age.

Which fasteners are better?

These can be buttons, laces buttons (reliableSewn). The main thing is that these fasteners are safe for the karapuza. They should not scratch, stab and press a tender body. If the clothes are intended for a newborn, it is best if the fasteners are placed on the shoulders. Also very convenient are blouses and ryoshonki, which are fastened on the side. And if possible, try to avoid things that are worn over your head.

Baby crumbs

Socks, like pantyhose, should not be tight. In them, the toddler must move his fingers freely - this helps the child learn to stand and walk confidently. And it is necessary that the socks are made of natural fabrics - in them the leg of the baby will breathe, and will not sweat.

All things must be natural

Lingerie baby is unique only from naturalTissues. Blouses and panties that do not fit directly to the body can be up to 20% made of synthetic additives (thanks to them things do not stretch and do not lose shape when washing). Try to avoid things from velor - he misses the air badly, and the baby in such clothes will sweat much. Viscose clothing is also acceptable for babies, just know that it misses the ultraviolet rays. So, these things can not be worn on a baby in very hot sunny weather, because a youngster can get a sunburn.

A hat or a hood?

At home, the hat is necessary to dress the kid onlyAfter bathing, but on a walk without it you can not do. In autumn and early spring, when the days of a cool hood from a blouse or a jacket will not be enough. It is necessary to put on a baby's hat. It should not fit snugly against the head. The hat should securely cover the ears of the child.

Clothes for a crawling baby.

Ideal option for a student who is studyingCrawl, there will be pantyhose and blouse (T-shirt). In them, the child will be much more comfortable to crawl than in sliders or "little men". Some models of tights have rubber protectors on the socks, with the help of which the baby can push off the slippery parquet, or confidently make their first steps.

Jacket or overalls?

For walks in the autumn days or early springIt is better to put the baby in a overall or in a sleeping bag. For a child who already knows how to walk, the overall version will also be a coverall. A child at this age can not sit still, he wants to run, jump, climb a roller coaster, so it is very important that the back of the carapace stay warm. In a jacket and panties to achieve this goal will be quite difficult.

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