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How to organize the space in the children's room

The geometry of the surrounding space has an importantAffect the emotional state of any person. Lines in the interior are always present, and in large quantities. You can see them in the pictures, in the drawings of the wallpaper, in the design of the curtains and in the rest of the interior decoration. In order for the space to have a beneficial effect on the child, parents need to know how to organize the space in the children's room and adhere to simple rules:

  • To the space that surrounds the baby is notFrightened him, it is desirable to use in the design of the room only smooth lines and rounded forms. In most cases, they cause only positive emotions, give a sense of reliability and are perceived quite easily.

  • Parents should remember that differentIrregular shapes and broken lines, zigzag lines create internal tension and can irritate. Although, it happens that they become useful, because they help to activate the tone of the body, and therefore help to feel cheerful.

Psychologists say that toys in a child withThe earliest childhood should be attractive, bright. And about a month and a half, you can tell a story over a crib that the baby will watch. It is necessary to give the child toys that make different sounds, squeak, thunder. As soon as the child crosses the period of one and a half years, one can gradually accustom him to the treatment of household items. You can give the child pots, spoons. Let it rattle, make a noise - it means that the baby is developing normally.

Any room can be given a personal character. That is, to organize children's space in the way that parents would like best as a child.

  • If the child is too passive, does not wantTalk or a little stalled. That can push him to action through the interior. What does that require? Just in this case, and come up with different irregularities, roughness, zigzags. In the role of action-inducing agents can be a fleecy rug, napkins of irregular shapes, photo frames, vases.

  • If the child on the contrary is too active,Irritable, aggressive and not assiduous, then in his room you need to organize a calming situation. Here it is desirable to dispense with sharp lines, without differences and sharp angles. Try to make all the lines round, use soft, smooth textures. To realize this, you need to cover all corners with curtains made of soft, transparent fabrics, interior items should not be aggressive and distinct angular shapes.

Division into zones

When organizing space in the children's roomIt is very important to divide the room into zones. What does this give? First of all, it helps to make the environment of the child more rich. And secondly, in this way you can order the life of the child, while not making it monotonous. And thirdly, it is the division into zones that helps to assemble in one group those components that are responsible for the development of the child in each sphere separately.

To divide a room into zones is necessary with the use of "light" partitions, screens, you can use furniture for these purposes. You can divide the room into three zones.

Sports area.

Here you can hang a Swedish wall, a swing or just a horizontal bar. In general, in this part of the child you can throw out your energy, jump, climb.

Game Zone.

In this zone there will be toys of the child. Here you can paste bright wallpaper, and you can buy cheap and allow the baby to paint them on their own.

Bedroom area.

At its registration only light colors, best of all blue and green. Separate this corner can be a transparent curtain. Hanging a canopy over the bed.

Creating space for your child needsGuided primarily by your intuition. After all, only mom and dad know what is best for their baby. And then, if the child already knows how to express his opinion, it is necessary to reckon with it. After all, the room is primarily for a small inhabitant.

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