/ How to prepare for the birthday of the child?

How to prepare for the birthday of the child?

Think, and if you yourself were a child, thenWhat holiday would you like? Or remember something from your childhood that is left in your memory? What is the brightest moment? Of course, for the child, the most important thing is surprises, gifts, games. And, especially since in the modern world, there are a lot of specialists who are engaged in holding holidays, you should not spare money for their services. Spend money, but arrange a holiday for the child, give him joy and pride in his parents. If, in the budget of your family there is no money to hire specialists, then you can arrange a holiday yourself. Moreover, then your children's party will certainly be individual, unique. Do you know the children who will come to the party? That's why you can approach each child individually. To understand how to prepare for the birthday of the child, you need, in the first place, to pinpoint a few key points.

When will the holiday be?

If the invited guests are still very young,Accordingly, your child is not more than five years old, then invite guests better in the afternoon. Parents should be informed in advance when your children's banquet begins. It is not necessary to convoke little children for the evening, it is better to hold a morning performance. That is, call everyone before lunch.

How many guests will there be?

If you are going to celebrate your birthday inApartment, you need to estimate the capacity of the room, remember that small children will come with adults. Moreover, you need to evaluate your abilities as a teacher, whether you can entertain ten boys and girls. In the west, experts recommend the rule, invite guests as many years as a child. Of course, not entirely true, it turns out that in the year even grandparents are superfluous. Knowing exactly how many guests there will be easier and faster to prepare for the Birthday of the child.

Be careful!

Learn from the parents of invited kids about theirFood predilections and whether there is an allergy to any foods. It is necessary to remove from the reach of all dangerous items such as scissors, knives, remove electrical wires and securely disconnect the sockets. That is, the preparation for the celebration of the birthday should be thorough, so that the holiday does not overshadow anything.

Well, here, like with everything, everything is now necessaryConnect fantasy. It is necessary to approach creatively how to start a celebration, how to celebrate it. Be sure to stock up with materials for games, small surprises for each child. Games on the holiday depend on the age of the children and their characteristics. Remember that it's better not to choose those games where you need to compete. Especially for young children, because not all kids know how to play. You can only get children's tears, resentment and resentment from the loser baby. Of course, this does not help the festive mood.

Just in case, put a disk with interesting onesCartoons, and for older children, you can film. The cartoon or film should be approached by age and be funny and cheerful. If suddenly the kids do not want to watch TV quietly, but wish to frolic, there is a miracle cure and it's called ice cream.

You can come up with a bunch of different games in which the kids will play. The most important thing is that everyone received a small surprise, a reward for participating in the game.

And one of the most important rules, in preparation forCelebrate your birthday, consider the needs, interest your child, especially if he can already express his opinion. The fact is that the ideas of parents and children about the holiday and joy are somewhat different. Therefore, offer those games, those cartoons that will be of interest to your child.

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