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Prophylaxis of Orz in children

Viruses causing colds, there are about200 species (the most famous are rhinovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza). The influenza virus occupies a separate place and is "famous" for the greatest number of possible complications: sinusitis, maxillary sinusitis, otitis media.

Prevention, first of all
Viruses spread through the air with tinyDroplets of a saliva of the sick person at a cough and sneezing. So, the baby can easily catch an infection in the kindergarten, on a walk, on a visit. During the epidemic, adhere to the basic rules of prevention. The flu epidemic is not a reason to sit out at home, but if possible, do not bring a youngster to places of congestion (supermarket, bank, public transport).
Oksolinovaya ointment - reliable and safePreventive tool. Lubricate the baby's nose in the morning, sending it to the kindergarten or leaving the house for a walk. If the ointment is not at hand, you can lubricate the nose with vegetable oil. The virus falls into the hands of healthy people with a handshake, through toys, door handles, handrails in transport. Take care that when you return home, baby, immediately washed your hands. Be sure to change the "street" clothes to your home. Thorough wet cleaning will help to get rid of viruses that have settled on the floor, furniture, toys with dust. Clean the door handles periodically with a mild disinfectant solution. Regularly ventilate the room, and you will reduce the concentration of viruses in the air. Do not rush to buy multivitamin preparations - better correct the baby's nutrition. Citrus fruits (except for lemons) are not recommended for children until two to three years old, because they are powerful allergens. You can introduce a small eater to an equally rich vitamin C with black currant (from 7 months), kiwi (from 9 months), broth of rose hips (after a year).
Increase in temperature (up to 38-40 C), strongChills, sudden weakness, headache, aches in the hands and feet. Pediatricians note that in infants, influenza usually begins milder than in older children. The temperature of the baby can not rise at all or go up to 37.5 C. But the baby becomes whiny, does not eat well. All this should alert you!

Better not try fate And immediately call the doctor, especially in the event,If the infidelity is ill. You can drip the baby interferon (influoferon, tsikloferon, laferon) - 1-2 drops in each nostril. In this case, strictly follow the instructions! Temperature is brought down by preparations based on paracetamol. For the youngest, it is better to use candles. Syrups ("Panadol", "Kalpol") will be suitable for a baby, and for a three-year-old child (aflubin, anaferon, influenzae, influsicide, enhistol) activate the body's defenses. Such drugs can be used for the treatment and prevention of even children up to three years. If your crumb is not yet a year, give preference to the medicine in drops, which can be diluted with water or Mama's milk. The kid needs to drink more.
Remember! Phytoncidal inhalations will help to prevent viruses from entering the house and quickly overcome the ailment if the baby is still sick.

Why antibiotics?
Against viruses, antibacterial drugs are powerless, so taking them for ARI is meaningless and even harmful. However, influenza is dangerous primarily for its complications.
The disease can develop into bronchitis,Laryngotracheitis, pneumonia, for treatment, which may require antibiotics. Just do not "assign" to their child herself. Be sure to consult a pediatrician! If on the fourth or fifth day of illness the baby does not get better - call the doctor again. Pay attention to the color of sputum, which coughs up the crumbs. If it is yellow or yellow-green, it is a sign of an inflammatory process.
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