/ How to play with the child at home?

How to play with the child at home?

Let's get acquainted!
Light the flashlight and show the crumb a ray of light. You can use a laser pointer. Invite the baby to continue the phrase: the light is ... Help the child to conclude that light is a ray that can illuminate objects.

Stolen Sun
Read the well-knownKornei Chukovsky's poem "The Stolen Sun." Of course, the child will understand that it's light in the day, because the sun illuminates and warms the earth.Take a globe or a regular ball and a flashlight.Let the crumb imagine that the ball is our Earth and the flashlight is the Sun. Shine on the ball with a flashlight and explain to the kid that one side of the Earth is turned towards the Sun and is lit by sunlight during the day, and it's these rays that allow us to see everything in the daytime. And why can not we see in the dark? Let the child fantasize, but in the end it's important to conclude , That we see that , Which is illuminated by light.

Luchik the traveler
The ray of light has a beginning (source) - everything thatGives light. Ask the baby to remember and name as many light sources as possible. This is the Sun, and an ordinary light bulb, and even a candle. The ray of light moves very fast. To prove this, turn the flashlight on and off several times in a row. Shine a flashlight on different objects and tell the baby that the speed of light is the highest, you can not move at the same speed in the world. Invite the crumb to catch a ray of light.

Where is the beginning, where is the end?
Now we understand that to catch light is not for usForce. Is it possible to stop it? An interesting experience will help answer this question. Turn on the flashlight and ask the children to find the beginning and end of the light beam. If the beginning is easy to find, then the end of the ray does not seem to exist. This is because if the beam does not meet obstacles, it continues until it loses its strength and dissipates.

The dog has disappeared
Explain to the kid that a ray of light always goes straight,He can not turn aside. For the kid to remember this, draw a creative drawing. Give the baby a blank with a picture of the child in one part of the leaf and the dog in the other. Tell us that the baby lost a puppy and it must be found. Let's draw a flashlight with a beam of light so that it illuminates the lost dog. Remember that a ray of light always goes straight.

Trap for light
And what will happen if the beam meets on its wayObstruction? Prepare any figure carved from cardboard, attach it with tape to a cocktail tube or pencil. Put the figure between the wall and the light source, light the cardboard figure with a flashlight, bringing the figure closer to the wall, then to the light. We will see a shadow on the wall. The closer the figure to the lantern, the greater its shadow on the wall. The farther the figure from the lantern, the smaller will be its shadow on the wall. This is because the rays from the light source fan out. If the object is far from the source, it blocks less light and vice versa.

In the theater of shadows
Suggest the kid to arrange a real shadow theaterAnd play in it excerpts from your favorite fairy tales. Take a piece of white cloth on the frame or Whatman, as well as paper figures of fairy-tale heroes. Frame with a cloth light the flashlight from the back. You can start the show! And also teach the children to show the fingers of the shadows of different animals. Playing with a child is great, is not it? Therefore spend more time with your child and pay attention to it.
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