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Gifted children in kindergarten and school

Gifted children in kindergarten and school areA separate layer of society. Usually they are not so many (one or two children per class or group) because of this they can become outcasts. The secret of this is the attitude of all people towards individuals. However, it is better to consider their behavior and attitudes towards others in kindergarten and school.

Gifted children in kindergarten

Kindergarten is the first public institution,Appearing on the child's life path. In it, he must learn all the subtleties of communication with surrounding people. However, gifted children usually quickly understand their own superiority. Because of this, they become leaders or repel everyone around them.

Becoming a clear leader, the child quickly becomesSocial. He feels his responsibility to the others and tries to play with other children more. Sometimes for this reason a group of children turns into a separate community. For example, a gifted child speaks very well, so he can tell teachers what the other baby wants.

There are also cases when parents, excellentUnderstanding the unique abilities of their child, educate him in the wrong direction. They constantly tell him about the exclusivity of his knowledge and skills, putting him above all other children. Any psychologist will call such education incorrect. The child should first of all become a part of society, and after that he can reveal himself.

Because of this upbringing, some gifted childrenIn the kindergarten behave badly. They move away from everyone and at the same time act on their own. Surely some parents met children in the kindergarten, playing separately from everyone else and not interested in the difficulties and behavior of the environment.

Gifted children in school

Parents of upbringing received in kindergarten andFrom parents, fully revealed in school. Already in the primary classes, each child becomes an individual, so he makes decisions and chooses a line of behavior. In this case, gifted children also develop in different directions, which depends on the initial education. But, in the middle and upper classes everything changes radically.

Adolescence brings with it a variety ofDifficulties. They are associated with individual parts of life, but if communication has not been mastered, the gifted child turns into an outcast. The rest of the children cease to be interested in him, because he puts himself above all others. Such cases turn into a psychological trauma that can transform the entire subsequent life of the child. He can simply abandon society or even become a criminal, despising all laws and customs.

However, the role of the leader is also not always positiveFor gifted children. Quite often there are cases when such a person leads a crowd, but what actions he is ready to go? This complex issue is solved only after careful consideration of upbringing. After all, according to statistics at the head of any criminal group is an intelligent and gifted person.

How then to come to gifted children in the children'sGarden and school? You do not need to hide your abilities, but there's always no point in showing them. Parents should explain to their child that this is only an additional opportunity to help surrounding people, which will prove itself over time.

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