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TV and children

Television today has acquiredMass character. The main reason for this is the widespread use of cable channels. Almost every family has at least 50 television channels, not all of which are suitable for children. Choosing programs for children's viewing is very difficult, because often there is cruelty in the daytime and in the morning. Although at first it is better to think about irradiation.

The impact of TV on children

For many years, parents have been discussing the harmfulImpact of televisions on the health of the child. Perhaps earlier such a fact existed, but now it is completely excluded. Modern technology as much as possible protects a person from any irradiation. And in the market there are various models of liquid crystal and plasma TVs, built on other principles. Irradiation with such TVs is impossible, their work concerns only electrical impulses that affect the crystal of the screen.

However, there is still a deleterious effect onvision. It applies not only to children, but also to adults. The reason is a frequent change of pictures on the screen and a variety of colors. Imagine the situation, the car is moving along the night road, and then there is a bright explosion. The crystal of the human eye is not capable of instantly adjusting to a sharp change in illumination, and this can lead to various eye diseases. They do not appear instantly, but are quite real for everyday viewing.

Psychological impact of television on children

Scientific research has proved that directThe impact on the human body on the part of television is too small. It should not be taken into account, but the danger of an undeveloped child's psyche still exists.

Different TV channels please viewersMovies, television series and much more. Among them, the percentage of children's programs barely reaches a tenth. Of course, there are specialized television channels for children viewing. They constantly broadcast animated films, fairy tales and cognitive programs. They are excellent for the child, not modern movies. The scenes of violence and erotica negatively affect the psyche of the child. For example, in the nineties, militants became very popular. The result was numerous fights on the streets, in which clashes involved teenagers, and even children.

Although some current cartoons can alsoAdversely affect the development of the child. An excellent example is some Japanese anime. They are filmed not for the younger age and sometimes too difficult to perceive. Among them, too, there are many beautiful scenes, but here it is very difficult to pick them up. They should be very cautious, because even in them sometimes there is erotica and even pornography.

Television for children in our times is no longerThe dream of all parents. It really exists next to a person. The main thing is to choose the right TV channels, which the child will watch. To forbid to watch TV to children it is not necessary, after all on it nevertheless various cognitive and developing programs are broadcast. Their number is large and each of them can be useful in its own way.

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