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The first year of a newborn's life

To protect the child from unfavorable conditions inIncluding infections, a draft, an unaccustomed climate in the mammary glands, the mother gives birth to breast milk, which contains all the necessary vitamins, fats, proteins and carbohydrates for normal growth and development of the baby. According to the research, children with breastfed babies have stronger immunity, children are more attached to their mothers. And what if the mother can not provide breast milk in the first year of her life? In such cases, do not panic, immediately in the hospital nurse will feed the child with the formula that will replace the mother's milk, and in the future, on the advice of a pediatrician, you can choose the best mixture for your child. I draw your attention to the fact that it is on the recommendation of the doctor, because your child may have an allergic reaction to certain components of the mixture and food. Remember, a child is not a doll for experiments.

Starting at about three months old,The newborn begins to be fed with fresh juices (2-3 drops per day). Parents and their children at this age should have receptions to a pediatrician who will prescribe a mandatory course of vaccinations for the child, this is extremely important for the strong immunity of the child, so the doctor will also necessarily observe the development of the baby (height, weight, motor skills, hearing, vision Etc.) and fix it. At this age, children are very affected by gas, it hardly leaves the body, which causes the baby pain and discomfort, in such cases it is necessary to stroke the baby's tummy by the hour hand and take the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

As a rule, in the first months of his lifeThe newborn sleeps for a very long time to strengthen its immunity, it is necessary to take it out in a stroller to the street, and always make sure that the child is not supercooled, and also does not overheat otherwise the temperature may arise. Biological clock at this age in the child has not yet been established, i.e. He can sleep all day, and stay awake all night, do not interfere with this process, he will gradually establish himself correctly. Do not forget about the massage and warm-up of the child, this is necessary for normal circulation of blood. Keep an eye on the umbilical cord, fontanel, ears and eyes of the child, that would not appear desalination is necessary in hygienic care of the child to use powders, which contain talcum powder.

From the age of five months, a newborn baby is fedVegetable and fruit purée, later introduced into the diet of poultry meat and veal. Whole cow milk in the first year of life of the child is not desirable to give, because in most cases it causes an allergy in the child.

When a child turns a year and even earlier(10-11 months), he tries to walk on his own, stuffing himself with cones, in such cases, parents simply need to establish for the child total control and custody. At one-year-old age, children become amusing, they can pronounce short words and like to listen to fairy tales and quiet music.

Our children are like nestlings, which eventually fledge and fly out of the nest. Take care of your children because they are the future of our country!

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