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Beverages for Infants

Breast milk - and drink and food

Breast milk is the most important and first liquidIn the life of everyone. Since drinking boiled water reduces the sucking instinct of children, the WHO Declaration has a strict requirement not to give children up to four months of no other drinks, only breast milk. Our nutritionists also do not recommend giving other drinks to children if the mother has enough milk, since it has 2/3 of water, in which all the essential natural ingredients are collected. Remember, the child can get the necessary amount of water from mother's milk. But if children have fever, or the weather is very hot, dry, then they can give other drinks, tea, water, compote. But first you need to breed all this with boiled or table water. Breastmilk can be bred kashki. Just do not use goat or cow's milk, because they have a lot of allergens, and the stomach of four-month-old children will be difficult to grasp.

Delicious juice

When it's time to try drinks from juices -Start with diluted water. The proportion is 2/3. It is best to begin with apple juice, then you can plum, apricot, cherry, carrot. Begin to give these drinks to children from 4-5 months to half a teaspoon, gradually increasing the "dose" to thirty ml. Drinks from mixed juices can be started only from 8 months. For children under one year, the daily limit is 50-60 mg. Give only freshly squeezed juice, or special children's juice. After reading the label, you will understand if this juice is suitable for your child. Juices, in which there is pulp, do not fit children for up to one year, since they contain vegetable fibers. The same applies to citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries. Children with excess weight will be useful to drink sour juices, as they have few carbohydrates and these drinks activate the process of digesting food. But you can not give grape juice to children, up to 3 years.

Harmful and useful impurities

Mineral water for children can be curative,Dining and medical and dining rooms. The first two are prescribed only for diseases, they can not be used for complementary feeding. This is suitable for dining water. Only it is not necessary and can not be boiled, because when boiling, some elements can become harmful to children, so cooking soups and tea is not worth it. Do not confuse the usual purified water with the dining room. You can boil it and cook it for your child, if necessary. Remember that such water can not be made at home, for deep water purification you need sophisticated equipment, conventional filters at home will not work.

And what about tea?

Correctly cooked tea for young childrenIs not only a delicious drink, but also a good medicine. One tea can improve metabolism, the other will help you fall asleep, the third will calm your stomach. Each tea contains harmless vitamin and herbal supplements. Plus, the fact that they cook very quickly: pour the right amount of tea with water, cool and give the child. But still tea can not replace all drinks, so children should be given tea, milk, juices, and water.

More tips

Preheat the drinks. So they are better absorbed.

Fluids other than breast milk should be given from a teaspoon, not from the nipple.

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