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Feces on the ass in newborns

The thing is that the babies are located in the vesselsExtremely close to the surface, the skin is thin and the fat layer is very small. Because of this, overheating of the child contributes to the fact that moisture evaporates too quickly. And if you add to this the rubbing of clothes about the baby's skin, it becomes clear where the diaper rises.
With an excessive amount of moisture, a natural lubricant is removed from the skin, resulting in the destruction of the protective barrier. This facilitates various microbes penetration into the skin.
If you do not want, because of the increased humidity and friction of clothing, the child has an opacity, adhere to several rules:

Rule one. Always ensure that urine and feces do not irritate the baby's skin for a long time, and for this - as often as possible, check diapers for their dryness.

Rule two. Do not wrap a child around, notAllow overheating of the body and increased air temperature in the room. Often ventilate the room. The child wear so that it was on one layer of clothing more than you, but no more.

Rule Three. Do not forget that in order to avoidDiaper rash after each washing and bathing the child's body should be carefully wiped, leaving no drop of moisture. Thoroughly wipe the folds! It is in them that they can "hide" water droplets.

Rule Fourth. If you notice that the baby's skin turns redLine, where the diaper is attached, this may mean that this diaper includes some material or substance that does not fit your child. In that case, just try the diapers of another brand.

Rule Five. Try to wear baby clothes wasSewn to the maximum of natural fabrics, without the addition of synthetic fibers. It is also desirable that the clothes do not have rough seams and that it does not constrain the movements of the baby.

Rule Six. Always carefully care for the skin crumbs: Change diapers every 3-3.5 hours, thoroughly wash the baby with each change of diaper. Do not neglect the erosion, using wet wipes to cleanse the skin. Wet wipes perfectly help out when you are on the street or somewhere else, where washing is impossible. But at home it is better to use water and soap. By the way, wet wipes should also be chosen very carefully. Each child is individual, and those napkins, which the skin of one child will perceive normally, can not absolutely approach another baby.

Rule seventh. Often arrange baby air baths. Try to keep the little one naked at least 40 minutes a day. This is a remarkable prevention of diaper rash.

Rule eighth. Means for skin care of the child try to buy only in pharmacies. So you will be assured of their quality.
Rule ninth. When washing children's clothes, use special hypoallergenic detergents for children, or household or children's soap.

The tenth rule. To not miss the moment of appearanceDiaper rash, whenever changing clothes or changing diapers, always pay attention to the skin condition of the baby, especially in wrinkles. Check if there are redness and do not rub your skin.
If intertrigo is very strong and when performedAll the rules do not pass - this is an occasion for immediate medical attention! Perhaps, the doctor will appoint you special creams and ointments that have a drying and healing effect.
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