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How to properly breastfeed a baby?

However, remember: Not all tips for caring for baby are right for your child! All children are different, and each mother takes note only of proven advice. In this article, we will consider tips on how to properly nurse a baby, which may be suitable for your child.
The first thing I would like to note. To properly breastfeed a baby, you need to concentrate all your attention on it. The process of feeding a newborn baby with a breast can last up to 45 minutes, so you need to accustom yourself to restraint and calmness.

It should also be noted that it is very importantPosition in which you can properly breastfeed the baby. With the experience of breastfeeding you will, of course, already choose a comfortable position in which you will be able to properly feed the baby, so that he and you are comfortable. But first you can use this advice: sit with the baby on a chair or sofa, where you prefer, and put a pillow under your back.
This will reduce the burden on your spineDuring breastfeeding of the baby and pressure on the weakened abdomen after childbirth. It would be very nice if someone was always with you, to bring you, to eat, or to put a pillow under your back. Such a person can, for example, act your husband or someone else from the household, free from business.

When you finish feeding your baby, you may be thirsty. Drink more fluids before feeding your baby and after that the body replenishes water supplies.
How to properly breastfeed a baby, if he does notWill want to take the chest in your mouth? To do this, stroke his cheek or chin so that he instinctively opens his mouth, and then bring him closer to him so that he can take the breast. However, if your baby begins to suck only the nipple (without squeezing it with the gums), then it can later lead to soreness, both the entire breast and nipples. Avoid this and make sure that the toddler also grabs the circle around the nipple (in a different areola).

If the baby is properly nourished,Be heard a characteristic sound from the sucking of the nipple. You will be able to orient in the question of how to properly breastfeed a baby for such a sign as: if you do not feel the outflow of milk from the chest. This fact can in some women testify about the wrong process of feeding the baby with breast milk. If you want to stop feeding and release the chest from the baby's compressed gums, then put your little finger next to the nipple into the baby's mouth, and he immediately spits out the nipple.

Now I will give you the recommendations of experts,Who will tell you how to properly breastfeed a baby. They recommend the following: that a child suck your breast as much as he needs, you should not stop breastfeeding it prematurely. He himself, having satiated, will stop, eat, and if you feel that the baby is indulging, you can stop feeding your baby with a breast.
If you feel that the milk is in the first breastThen you can start feeding the baby with the next breast. After breastfeeding the baby, you can lean it against your shoulder, placing it vertically so that it can regurgitate excess milk.
Here, perhaps, and all the tricks as correctlyTo feed the baby with the breast. In time, as a mother, you will begin to better understand your baby. You will discover the whole beauty of breastfeeding for a woman. This is an unforgettable feeling of unity with the child, which can not be forgotten after many years.
I wish you and your baby to grow healthy and strong!

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