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The detrimental impact of television on children

Of course, all parents apply someEfforts to restrict children watching TV. And they do it differently. Some turn off the TV after a while and are engaged with children with all sorts of developing activities, walking or playing. Others, under the influence of crying and hysterics of a beloved child, quickly succumb to persuasion and already with him watching the whole evening series and cartoons.

Why does this happen? In both cases, parents are aware of their choice. And perniciousness, too. No one will blame them for this. It so happened that we live during constant stresses and difficulties. In this situation, TV is the only thing that does not allow us to withdraw into ourselves, to fall into a deep depression. But the children this way to remove the stress accumulated during the day is not suitable.

What is it? Is this the detrimental effect of TV on children? Does the psyche affect children? You just need to understand this situation to the end. After watching TV, children do not calm down. They overwork and, on the contrary, become more irritable, nervous and aggressive. In addition, as a result of eye strain in children, after a certain time, vision begins to suffer. Some even have to get glasses. That's why the use of TV as an assistant in domestic affairs can be criticized. This method is far from ideal.

According to the calculations of scientists from the UK, modern children by the six years of their lives - spend a whole year at the TV screens.

So how do you organize the view modeTV set by children, that it would not become a fatal hobby? To argue that the influence of television brings only evil, it is impossible. Therefore, the observance of certain simple rules can alleviate the consequences associated with the uncontrolled stay of children at the screen.

- Do not allow children to be at the TV and watch it at a distance of less than two meters.

- Avoid direct hit of the rays in the eyes - an angle of about 45 degrees is allowed.

- Let the children be slightly below the level of the television screen, and certainly on the side.

- It is necessary to rearrange the TV so that it is not the center of attention, and it was impossible to watch it from anywhere in the room. It is best to watch it from just one corner.

- If possible, stop using the remote control. This will contribute to the fact that the pernicious time that all family members spend watching TV will decrease.

- Get rid of such habit as constant channel switching.

- Using the TV as a "background" is unacceptable!

- Rearrange the most uncomfortable furniture in the TV viewing area - this will affect the amount of time spent before it.

- Walk more with children.

- There will be less time to watch if you pay more attention to your children.

- Do not let the TV stay more than 2 hours a day.

- The programs and films that your children watch are monitored. It is important not only the content, but also the quality!

- When viewing "banned" films or programs, you need to comment on what is happening on the screen. Your opinion is important! So the child will understand what is good and bad, good and evil.

- It is necessary to make comments and criticize what is happening. And then the children will understand that not everything needs to be believed. And before you do something, analyze it many times.

- Make the TV a friend for your children! Include them not only training, but also entertainment programs. But do not forget - the residence time for the screen should be limited to two hours.

- Do not use the TV in a role"Nanny." Distracting children with the included cartoons in order to feed him, or to do household chores, can lead to the fact that they have to 4-5 years develop a strong dependence on the TV.

Observe the measure in everything that concerns the TV. Of course, having become accustomed to its background for many years, it will not immediately be possible to reduce its significance and perniciousness in your life. Think about the health of your children!

No one forces you to give up this goodCivilization. But with what pleasure you will wait for the time of your favorite movie, rather than watching a random film that was caught stupidly clicking on the buttons.

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