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Small warts on the body

1. Ordinary warts: small dense nodules.
2. Old warts: round brown plaques covered with horny mass.
3. Juvenile warts: small flat plaques.
4. Plantar warts: painful compaction of horny masses on the sole.
5. Condylomata: similar to cauliflower

Ordinary warts.
The most common. These are hemispherical, dense formations of corporal or grayish color with a rough surface. Most often occur in children on the back of the hands, fingers, around the edges of the nails, less often on other parts of the body.
Condylomas, or genital warts, ariseIn the anus or genitals. These are small, soft papillae of pink or red color. Sometimes they, increasing and merging, form lobed outgrowths resembling cauliflower.
Plantar warts.
Seals of horny masses on the sole, resembling corn, usually with a sharp pain when walking.
Threadlike warts.
As a rule, these are long, soft papillae with an uneven surface that appear on the face, neck, and ears of older people.
Fingoid warts.
Have the appropriate form. Appear on the scalp and near the hair growth line.

Causes of warts.
Warts of all kinds are caused by virusesFamily of papovaviruses. Pathogens are transmitted by direct contact with the patient or through contaminated objects. Therefore, the danger of infection exists always and everywhere. In addition, neither antibiotics nor any other medicines act on them. Not always after infection, the symptoms characteristic of the disease appear. Factors causing the occurrence of warts, until the end has not yet been clarified. It is assumed that the influence has a weakened immune system, unable to cope with the viruses. Other causes of warts are psychosomatic illnesses and disorders. In view of this, it is often possible to get rid of warts by completely unusual, non-traditional methods, for example, suggestion, "conspiracies". However, in the treatment of warts, the patient's belief in success is important. By the way, sometimes warts disappear spontaneously.

Warts can only be removed by a specialist.
Warts should be removed only by an experienced physician, otherwise their number may increase even more, and in the worst case, a skin cancer can occur.
Treatment of warts can be carried out andIn unconventional ways. Various useful herbs, infusions and other methods of treatment will help you forever and quickly get rid of this skin disease. The main thing in the treatment is hope for recovery, in other words - self-hypnosis. Therefore, before going to the doctor, tell yourself that this disease is not as serious as it seems at first glance.

Treatment of any disease, even the most complex andHeavy, it seems quite a serious period in a person's life. But it is worth believing that soon you will be able to recover - and the treatment will go on better and easier. Even many doctors claim that all our illnesses are from our auto-suggestion.
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