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Neck massage for a child up to 6 months

To do a neck massage for a child up to 6 months,In the beginning it is necessary to provide all conditions for the massage - to prepare a spacious room, before ventilating it. The temperature in the room should not be less than 22 degrees. Different powders and creams are not recommended.

Massage should be performed gently and gently. When performing all manipulations, it is necessary to ensure that the child's reaction to the procedure is positive. Massage should be interrupted immediately if the child reacts poorly to it.

Neck massage for a child 6 months or less, it is necessaryCarry out with caution, if on the skin of the baby there are small redness that appeared due to diathesis. It is necessary to avoid those areas where there are rashes. But if the rashes become more significant, then at this time it is worth refraining from the massage.

Contraindications to massage are variousInfectious diseases, rickets during its exacerbation, femoral, inguinal and umbilical hernia - if the massage is not limited only to the neck area, congenital heart disease and various inflammatory skin diseases.

The main techniques for neck massage for a child of 6 months and other parts of the body: stroking, kneading, rubbing and vibration.

First, stroking is used - the most sparingReception, as at грудничков very gentle and thin skin. Then gradually introduced other techniques, such as light vibration in the form of shaking and shaking, grinding and kneading.

When massage the neck of a child up to 6 months, the mostA suitable technique is stroking, as this is a very delicate area. Neck massage is performed together with a massage of the entire surface of the back. The initial position of the child - the legs are directed to the masseur, the child lies on his back. Stroking should be performed along the spinal column. You can not massage the spine itself.

Reception stroking is performed internallyThe side of the brush when moving from the head to the buttocks and the back side during the reverse movement. All movements are carried out smoothly and neatly. If the child is unable to maintain a stable position, it must be supported by one hand, while the other should perform strokes at the same time. Massage of the neck and back of the child at 6 months can already be performed with both hands, as the massage can be started with both hands from the age of three months.

To fully understand the technique of massage the child, you must adhere to ten basic rules:

The first rule: You can start a massage only if there are no restrictions from your pediatrician.

The second rule: The most correct time for massage is morning half an hour before feeding or 50 minutes after.

Third rule: If the baby is unwell and he is restless - massage must be postponed.

The fourth rule: The temperature in the room should be within the range of 22 to 25 degrees.

The fifth rule: Do not use any powders or petroleum jelly, and your hands should be warm and clean. Ornaments from the hands should be removed.

The Sixth Rule: Protect the baby's head from bruising. Do all the movements carefully. In no case should you press the bones.

Seventh rule: Your movements should be rhythmic, calm, smooth.

The eighth rule: All movements are from the edges to the center.

The ninth rule: You need to start with easy massage techniques

Tenth rule: With a full body massage, the baby is first on the back, and then on the stomach.

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