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Pros and cons of the kindergarten


Perhaps the most important plus of a kindergarten isThe fact that it is in him the child quickly learn to keep a spoon and eat, dress, clean up for himself and much more, and also develop his creative abilities - to dance, paint or sing.

Another plus is that the child overcomesShyness, fear of communication with other children. And if the child is the only one in the family, then a visit to the kindergarten will do him good, he will understand that the world does not revolve around him. In addition to children, the child will learn to communicate with adults - educators, obey them. All this in the future will help him to better adapt in life.

Another big plus of the kindergarten is that there children are given the initial skills of writing, reading, arithmetic.


First, parting with your beloved mother and homeFor the child heavy stress. The child can get worse sleep, lose appetite. Many children quickly get used to kindergarten. If nevertheless decided to give the baby to a kindergarten, let it happen as soon as possible, as young children adapt better in new conditions.

Another disadvantage of the kindergarten is thatYour child is often sick. It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the child will often get sick, especially in the first months, and you will have to be on a sick leave. Even in the kindergarten, your child can learn obscene words.

In general, with a child who visits a kindergartenYou need to be even more affectionate, treat with greater care and love. Free time from kindergarten should be spent by the whole family, walking in nature or doing interesting things at home. Your baby should rest from the children's team.

The big minus of the kindergarten is the chance to get to a bad educator who will brutally and cruelly treat a child, shout at him and shame at all.

Now that you know all the pros and cons of the kindergarten, decide whether to give your child into it. I hope my advice will help you make the right decision!

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