/ How to teach a child to write in a pot?

How to teach a child to write in a pot?

The fact is that when a child wants to pee there,Where he wants it does not do it on purpose, it's just that he is in an unconscious form of resistance. He simply does not realize that he is opposed to your pressure.

The most important rule is that you do notForced the child to write in the pot. Do not cause negative emotions and resistance in your child. If you press on the child and show him your impatience, you just fix the negative attitude to this procedure. And afterwards you will not be able to cope with this problem. If you see that the child does not want and resists writing in the pot, do not make him do it. Just try another time, but in a slightly different way.

You must show him how to do it yourself. After all, children always try to copy adults. Your child should see how you do it. And thanks to the child's curiosity, the child will do his own thing. Do not say such words as, for example, should and should be.

Try playing with the pot. The pot should cause only positive impressions. You can make a target from the pot and try to hit the center in front of the child. You can also make ships from paper and sink them in the same pot. The pot should be simple without any navorovav. Thus, the child will be distracted from the main purpose of this pot.

If your child even after two weeks has notWants to go there and constantly resists, just change the place. For example, try in the bathroom. Your child may have a negative attitude towards the pot. And he can treat other subjects very favorably.

If your child is more than three years old, try buying a bicycle for him. And then say that the bicycle seat does not want to be wet at all.

Try to cheer the child with a pot. Also, you can tell the child that he will soon write, as does mom and dad.

Be patient and you will see that your child will write in the pot.
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