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How to find a babysitter?

Of course, you can search your nanny with the help of the Internet, but again there are not 100 percent guarantees that you will be able to find it there.

We will help and tell you where to turn and howChoose the right one for you your nanny. Contact the recruitment agency for assistance. In this agency, they carefully monitor the documents of the person they are offering you. The documents of your nanny should indicate the period of her work. Where she worked last time, and for what reason she was fired. After checking the documents, the manager must send your nanny for an interview with a psychologist. Since only a psychologist can determine whether a nanny is able to communicate and be close to children.

The recruitment agency bears full responsibility for your nanny. You should find out if the agency will be able to replace the employee in case of any problems.

The agency you contacted will provideYou choose the nanny that you like most. Do not go through long and do not treat them biased, as in the end you can stay without a nanny and without your agency. Contract agency will conclude with you only after choosing a nanny.

The company is not responsible for your nanny. A nanny must pass a probationary period in your home, he is a week. During this time, you need to find out what abilities and skills to care for your child nanny can.

The most important problem with which you canTo collide, this is how you will control it. Of course, you can call her several times a day, but completely this way you can not control all the activities of the nanny. The best way out in this situation is to install video surveillance cameras. If suddenly your nanny refused to watch video from her better refuse.

Also, you can install the recorder and use it to find out how the babysitting process works with your child. And how your child perceives it.

After your nanny passes the testTime, be sure to sign a contract with her. Having an agreement, you can solve any conflict situation. And if you violate the rules, you will have the right to grant her a fine.

We hope that your nanny, with the help of our advice, will prove to be a decent and conscientious person. Good luck in choosing your nanny!

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