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Physical Education and Sports for Children

What you need to consider

Despite the importance and necessity of sport in lifeChild, there are risks here. First of all, the danger of injury. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a sports section for the child, based on its individual characteristics. For example, a lack of calcium, weighed down by chronic diseases, excludes employment in those sports where there is a high risk of injury to bones. So, you better give up the fight or football section in favor of swimming or athletics.

In addition, take into account and personal wishesChild. Even if you dream of seeing your child as a star of hockey or figure skating, and the child is only interested in tennis, you do not have to force him, otherwise you will not see any special success. The child should engage in what gives him pleasure, because "obyazalovki" enough in the school.

As in any other occupation, the child shouldBe the goal. However, it hardly makes sense to prepare the child for some great achievements, if you are interested in an all-round development, and you do not see the special abilities of your child to sport. A sufficient result will be high immunity, flexibility, endurance and discipline, which are developed in regular classes by any sport.

What to choose

The kinds of sports that would be useful for children,a bunch of. It is believed that the sooner you give the child to the section, the easier it adapts and the more success it will achieve. If your child loves games involving many people, fit for health and physical development, then you can introduce him to football, basketball, volleyball or hockey.

If your child has weak muscles, problems withSpine and lack of interest in team sports, then swimming will be most useful to him. It will help to correct scoliosis, form a figure and calm nerves.

For children who love animals and go worse onContact with people, the equestrian section is ideal. Communication with these animals has a beneficial effect on the psyche, and regular exercises in the horse section are beneficial for all the most important functions of the body. Now it is in the equestrian sections that children are engaged and successfully treated, even with serious diseases.

If a child is often hurt at school, but at the same timeHis health allows you to engage in active and power sports, then the perfect exit will be a section of boxing or wrestling, which are now very popular. In these sections not only boys but also girls go, so many children have a chance to learn how to defend themselves from attacks.

The most dangerous kind of sport is athletics. These are constant stretches and dislocations, the risk of flat feet, but it is unlikely that any other kind of sport allows you to harmoniously develop the body. If you are confident in your child's health and stamina, if his energy requires an exit, then athletics can attract him and will achieve significant results.

Sport for children is certainly important. One physical education at school is not enough for a child to grow up healthy and strong, but additional classes in any sports section will give the child the opportunity to solve many problems. First of all, the child will learn to coordinate his movements, it will be easier to bear even mental stresses, his nervous system will be less susceptible to irritation, and immune to viruses. Therefore, the child will learn the school curriculum more easily, and will miss less than the lessons due to illness. It is important only to individually approach the selection of the section, focusing not on fashion and your own desires, but on the possibilities and desires of your child.
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