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Problems with sleeping in children


One of the most common causes of the violationSleep is the wrong regime of the day. Often small children confuse night and day, which leads to difficulties in falling asleep at the usual time. If the child is too small, it is better to have patience and give him the opportunity to choose when to sleep, especially if it is a baby. Children from a year are easier to accustom to a certain regime. To do this, you must strictly adhere to the time when the child has to fall asleep and when it's time to get up. After some time the baby will get used to the regime, and will fall asleep or wake up without your help at the right time.
To simplify the task you need to effectivelyUse the time of wakefulness. In the daytime, the child must move so that physical activity and natural fatigue place him at bedtime. In addition, it is important not to replace daytime sleep by night. Resting during the day is not a replacement for a night's sleep, so it should not be too long.


Full nutrition is very important for everyone. Sometimes problems with sleeping in children develop due to eating. Therefore, it is important to observe the diet as strictly as the daily regimen. Exceptions are allowed only for babies. A child needs proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins, which means that the quality of food should be high. The time for breakfast, lunch, lunch and dinner should be the same every day. In no case should you allow a child to go to bed hungry, it is better if the last meal will be no later than 1.5 to 2 hours before bedtime. But it is also not necessary to overeat - it can cause colic, bloating and also interfere with sleep.
Some foods can cause allergies. If the child is sensitive to food, then before going to bed, do not give food that can cause itching and other allergic reactions. Besides. It is necessary to exclude products that excite the child's psyche - strong tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa and so on.


Children often fall asleep badly and anxiously sleep, ifThey are concerned about something. Head, tooth, ear pain can make capricious the most obedient and quiet child. Therefore, if the baby suddenly becomes difficult to fall asleep and often wake up at night, exclude the possibility of diseases that could affect the quality of sleep. Sometimes the cause of problems with sleeping can be worms, high fever, cold and fever. And sometimes - it's just an unpleasant feeling from the bed linen, accidentally rolled under the mattress of a toy or too bright light, loud noises. Carefully examine the child and, if necessary, show your doctor, this will help to exclude possible causes of poor sleep associated with his health.


Psychological state can also causeProblems with sleeping in children. It is noticed. That children who are scolded shortly before sleep, sleep worse. Sleep can also be affected by the emotional situation in the family. Frequent quarrels, conflicts between other family members, wrong way of life often make a child's sleep restless. Problems with sleep can arise because of some fears, so you need to select films, tales and games that correspond to the child's age, so as not to scare him. Sometimes, it would seem, innocuous phrase about "babeika" becomes the reason of sleepless nights and development of many fears. Therefore, do not scare the child. A calm atmosphere, soft light, warm baths and massage will help the baby tune into a sweet dream. Obligatory communication of parents and the child before going to bed, it will help him feel safe and make falling asleep easy.

Sleep problems in children are common, butUsually they are easily solved. With age, children themselves fall asleep and sleep put 10 - 12 hours, depending on the age. If the child can not fall asleep at all efforts, often wakes up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, this is a serious reason to visit a pediatrician and a child psychologist. Sometimes the cause of such disorders can be diseases that are difficult to recognize without a complete examination. But most often with a sensitive attitude of parents and mutual trust, the child's sleep becomes calm and strong, and periods of frustration disappear.
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