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Choosing a Children's Bicycle


The first thing you should pay attention to isyour child. Does it correspond to the age when children can already be taught to ride a bicycle? If a child is less than three years old, if he still walks uncertainly, then it is better to postpone the purchase until the next season. If you think that he will cope, then you need to choose a bicycle: the younger the child, the easier it is to be a bicycle. First, a tricycle, then a bicycle with four removable wheels, and only then a full two-wheeled bicycle. With careful use, teenage bicycles can last 5 years or more, from earlier your child will grow faster than he will have time to break.

The weight.

The younger the child, the easier it should bea bike. The kid will have to move around on his own, transfer from place to place, for example, through obstacles. Therefore, the bicycle should not be too cumbersome.

The seat.

It is very important that the child is comfortable sitting onBicycle. Therefore, the seat itself must be either corrugated or consist of rubber inserts, otherwise the child will slip and fall, having barely learned how to ride. Sometimes bicycles are equipped with seat belts. A good seat has several levels of adjustment - it can be raised and lowered, depending on the child's growth, this allows one bicycle to last longer, as it "grows" with the baby.

Steering wheel.

Without the wheel you will not go far. The steering wheel of a good bicycle is convenient, it is easy to turn, its handles contain rubber inserts so that the baby's hands do not slip. The modern wheel of the bicycle is often equipped with various devices - from the brake to the speed selector. All this should work reliably. The steering wheel also has the ability to become higher or lower depending on the growth of the child.


Modern bicycles have differentAccessories that make walks to them comfortable. This and sun visors, and convenient trunks, and fastenings for a bottle of water. The bicycle should have overall reflective headlamps so that the child can be clearly seen on the road even in the dark. For the smallest, there are bikes with music panels and convenient control knobs, with which parents roll kids at any distance.

The size and quality of the wheels decides how muchIt will be comfortable for your child. For beginners, small wheel riders do not exceed 30cm. In diameter. For schoolchildren, they produce bicycles with wheels with a diameter of 40 cm in diameter, and for teens - 55 and above. It is also important. What is the quality of the tires on wheels, is it possible to use the pump if the wheel is blown off.

A bicycle is a great way to entertain a child onA whole summer, teach him new skills and show new places where you have not been before. Choose the right bike is not difficult, you need to consider the real needs of the baby, the ratio of quality and price, and, of course, your preferences, and the choice of shapes and colors is large enough to please even the most demanding buyer.
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