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Disposable diapers

Disposable diapers from conventional diapers differ,That they have a special absorbent layer. They are distinguished by the size, volume of the absorbed liquid, simple adaptations like stickers, rubber bands, etc. They work simply - the liquid passes through the first thin layer and is absorbed by the second, where it becomes a gel and thus retained. When used properly, diapers are absolutely safe for health.

In addition to the quality of soaking in the diaper is importantcomfort. To the kid, especially already leading a mobile way of life, it is important to have freedom of movement. Thus, the diaper should ideally sit when the toddler is at rest and motion, so that the edges of the diaper do not rub the skin at the points of contact.

The safety of the diaper depends on its quality andFrom proper use. First, the child should not be in the same diaper all day. Of course, each of them has a certain volume, sometimes there is not enough fluid to fill it. But this does not negate the harmful fumes and unpleasant odor that are unavoidable if the baby is in the same diaper from morning to night.

In addition, the skin of the child should be properlyTo process. It is important to rinse the buttocks and inguinal area with each change of diaper, wipe dry and squeeze the skin completely dry in the air. Air baths are useful for the child, because the skin must breathe. Then it is necessary to specially treat the delicate areas of the skin. Now, manufacturers offer a variety of tools for cleaning, nourishing, moisturizing and protecting children's skin. This is normal and liquid talc, wet wipes, sprays, creams, lotions and much more. It is necessary to pay attention to the composition of such a device and its conformity to its beneficial properties with the type of skin of a child. Well, if such a drug is hypoallergenic with the content of natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, chamomile. These substances further soften and soothe the skin.

Under no circumstances should a thick layer be appliedCream and put on diaper before the cream absorbed. This can create a greenhouse effect and intertrigo will be inevitable. It is better to apply the cream in sweet skin and on the places of contact with the diaper, wait until it is completely absorbed and then put on the diaper.

If the irritation could not be avoided, fromDiapers for a while it is better to refuse - the skin heals faster, if the air is free to circulate. To treat such diaper rashes, you can use the usual zinc ointment - it perfectly calms the skin and dries problem areas.

It is also important to monitor the baby's nutrition. The use of certain products can cause allergy or diathesis, and this will affect the baby's skin condition. Using diapers with diathesis can create additional problems. This can be avoided if you compose a child's diet competently, excluding all products that cause doubts in you.

Diapers created byEspecially for boys and girls. From a certain age, when the baby can move independently, the use of such diapers makes sense. They have special layers that are distributed in such a way that they absorb the liquid where it is most often excreted. This means that such diapers provide more reliable protection.

Apparently, disposable diapers are not at all soScary, as some think, but not as harmless as many believe. Everything that concerns the health of the child requires special attention. With proper care and compliance with all recommendations, diapers will do exactly what you expect of them, and that is - to give the baby comfort, and you have the opportunity to spend more time with the child, and not with a washing machine.
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