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Diathesis in children - treatment


Diathesis can manifest as from the first days of life,Both in adolescence and in adolescence. Sometimes diathesis occurs in adults. There are several stages that occur with exacerbations. Usually diathesis, which begins at an early age, disappears by the time of maturation.

In infants, diathesis can be dry or wet. Dry diathesis is redness, swelling in some places, accompanied by itching. The skin on the affected areas is dry, prone to peeling. There may be crusts and ulcers, which cause babies is not a little uneasiness.
Wet diathesis is always a strong trial,Emerging vesicles, edema. Vesicles burst, from which are formed wetting areas, which gave the name to this type of diathesis. Diathesis can flow from one form to another, not infrequently it is accompanied by an infection, from which there are pustular wounds.

Usually diathesis completely disappears by 15 years. If by this age the diathesis does not pass, it flows into an adult chronic stage and is called a neurodermatitis. The skin on the affected areas is constantly itchy, it becomes denser, always irritated. Diathesis is manifested on the face, hands, in the groin, on the inner surfaces of the hips.


Diathesis can be a hereditary disease,If the parents have a genetic predisposition to all sorts of allergic reactions. Provoke diathesis can do anything. Most often it is influenced by food, household chemicals, some tissues, dyes on various surfaces, drugs or bacteria. If you start this disease, in some cases it passes into bronchial asthma, in severe cases, an allergic rhinitis, asthma and diathesis occur simultaneously and require enhanced treatment.


It is worth remembering that diathesis is notSkin disease. This is just a skin reaction to some external or internal stimuli. Therefore, it is important that the treatment of this disease is complex. It is necessary to pass a number of tests, to undergo examination, in order to accurately identify the cause of diathesis. Then the doctor determines the diet, which excludes certain types of products. This is a temporary measure, all excluded products will be gradually introduced into the diet later, if the treatment is successful. But such restrictions are necessary.
In addition to diets and taking medications, no less importantObserve hygiene. For children prone to various kinds of allergies, cleanliness is necessary in those rooms where he spends a lot of time. Therefore, the doctor will advise daily wet cleaning, ventilation. In some cases, for the sake of the baby's health, he will have to sacrifice plants and pets - not always acute allergic periods are compatible with animals and pollen of plants, they often only aggravate the situation. Equally important personal hygiene is daily bathing in soft water, the use of hypoallergenic shampoos and soaps, softening cream that relieves itching and soothes the skin. The child's clothes and clothes that he wears must be washed with a hypoallergenic powder or agent, rinsed well and ironed with a hot iron on both sides. This will help to avoid the development of dangerous fungi, which also can enhance diathesis.

Diathesis is a disease that needs to be treatedConsistently and carefully follow all the recommendations of doctors. Sometimes he leaves without a trace, sometimes in order to get rid of it, it takes years. It all depends on the degree of the disease and your perseverance. With proper treatment, the diathesis does not leave consequences, and is not dangerous for the child, so be attentive to the condition of your children and are sensible in using allergenic products and substances.
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