/ How to choose a nanny for a child?

How to choose a nanny for a child?

1) Age.
Age plays an important role, if you are looking forThe perfect nanny. In Europe and the United States, children are often looked after by teenagers, but due to the difference in mentality, do not trust your child with another child who is the oldest for a few years. A nanny should be old enough to understand her responsibilities and be responsible, but she should not be too old to prevent her health from interfering with the child's care. The age of a good nanny varies between 20-50 years.

2) Experience.

Nanny with experience of communication with children is much better than that,Which is just beginning to try itself in this profession, especially if the child is small. In general, the smaller your baby, the more experience there should be. Well, if she has her children or she spent a lot of time with children of the same age as your baby. This means that the nanny has all the necessary skills and has not yet forgotten how to change a diaper or to learn the alphabet.

3) Education.
It can be said that before nannies did not haveSpecial education, but at the same time they easily coped with their duties. But now times have changed and the presence of education in nannies is a big plus in her favor. If your baby is under 3-4 years of age, he will be more suitable for a nurse with medical education. Small children need more proper care and nourishment, rather than serious intellectual development. A nurse who can quickly recognize the beginning of a cold, provide first aid much better than a nanny who knows how to teach children to play the piano. When the child grows up, priorities change, then you will need a nanny who will be able to follow the development of the child and help him prepare for school, then professionals with a pedagogical education will be useful.

4) Recommendations.
Well, if your nanny "inherited" toYou are from relatives or friends whom you completely trust. If the nurse came from the agency, ask for recommendations from former employers and ask the agency manager about the peculiarities of the work and the nature of your nanny. An ideal nanny is, above all, a responsible, executive person who loves children. Knows how to deal with them, has a calm character and is not inclined to mood swings. The more relaxed and confident the nanny will be, the better will be her relationship with the child, because excess emotions can be harmful.

5) Documents.
The nurse should be in order passport, registration andmedical book. The availability of certificates of health of such a specialist is mandatory. You need to make sure that there are references not only from the therapist, but also from the venereologist, the therapist, all the necessary tests are submitted. The health of a nanny should in no case be a threat to the health of the baby.

6) Responsibilities.

The responsibilities of the nanny include quite a lotof things. Each family stipulates its requirements separately. Usually the nanny is completely engaged with the child - feeds, changes clothes, walks and plays with him. A nanny can prepare food for the child and wash his dirty things in the washing machine, do the cleaning in the child's room as needed. But it is worthwhile to understand that the nanny is not a cook or a cleaning lady, so do not force him to wash floors in the whole apartment and prepare dinner for the whole family, because the time that she spends on you, you take away from your child.
Be sure to specify at what time and than the nannyShould feed the baby - in everything that repentant nutrition is important your opinion and opinion of doctors. You have the right to express wishes for the time and duration of walks, games and classes.

7) Contact with family.

A good nanny easily finds a common language with everyoneFamily members. It will not be good if she communicates well with the baby, and constantly conflicts with other family members. But, nevertheless, contact with the child should be in the first place. If the nanny likes you personally, but the child for some reason refuses to stay with her, do not take risks, it may be better to look for a replacement.

8) Control.

Many parents control the work of their nannies. If a person is not an acquaintance, you should check how he copes with his duties. There are many ways to control a nanny-you can go home at different times, or you can ask your neighbors to drop in a few times a week. Some parents install hidden cameras. If you consider this a necessity, then you have the right to do everything that you think is necessary to ensure the safety of your child.

A good nanny is not easy to find, but it's not thatA task that can not be done. Whatever they say, there are enough good specialists, we only need to carefully and responsibly approach the choice of nanny. If your child is happy, healthy and will develop according to his age, and the nanny will easily communicate with all members of the family, you can be sure your personal Mary Poppins is exactly what you need.
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