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Choosing children's furniture

The bedroom of the newborn

Let there be only the most necessary furniture,First of all, a cot on wheels. However, the original and no less comfortable option - a cozy cradle or a portable basket - a cradle. The cot must necessarily be equipped with special restraints and bumpers, which are lowered during the change of clothes. On them, you can attach toys-clothespins, rattles.

Put the cot in a warm, bright place,However, away from the window or battery, to protect the baby from drafts, and furniture - from drying out. On the wall above the bed should not hang paintings, carpets, shelves. It is better if the child lies head to the north, along the vector of the Earth's magnetic field.

Over time, you can cut two or three slats from the side of the crib so that the child does not feel trapped and can get out of it if desired.

Mattress. Consider buying a mattress from all over the world.Seriousness, if you want the baby to have a correct posture. It is not so important, from what it will be made: from felt, horsehair or polyurethane foam (PPU), because children often have an allergy to natural materials. The mattress should match the size of the bed, be dry, smooth, clean, not too hard, not too soft. When choosing, you can put your palm between the surface of the mattress and the waist. If the measurement is great - the mattress is too hard, if small - too soft. The more springs in the mattress, the more "orthopedic" it is. And do not forget about the oilcloth-lining, which will protect the mattress from getting wet.

Chest of drawers. This piece of furniture, again recruitingPopularity, simply irreplaceable in the nursery! While the child is small, he performs the function of the changing table. Then on it it will be possible to place toys and other trifles. A shelf with hygienic means, hang somewhere near the place for changing.

Wardrobe. The child should have a separate clean locker for storing clothes and bed linen. However, in the first months you can just give him a box in the parents' wardrobe.

Children's walls are better to paint in one tone, and so that they do not look too boring, decorate them with a border of wallpapers of different colors and sizes with the image of little animals and little men.

The room should be well ventilated and have good lighting. The perfect combination is a ceiling lamp plus a floor lamp or a night light.

Three to seven years

Important subject of children's interior in the first yearsLife is his first highchair. Well, if it will be strong and stable, on metal legs with rubberized tips that interfere with the movement of the chair. The corners must be rounded, the edges bent. A chair must be safe in every way! Some manufacturers use cheap varnishes, dyes, plastic, giving the product a bright, attractive appearance, but emitting harmful toxins. Buy only those furniture that has a quality certificate.

If there is not enough room in the room,model. Multifunctional chairs are not only suitable for eating, but also for playing and sleeping. A good chair is made of moisture resistant materials: boldly wipe it with a damp cloth. Remove the remains of food from a smooth surface is much easier than with a ribbed. To the baby eats willingly, he must necessarily like the design of the highchair.

Children's room "grows up" with the child. If the crumb has already turned three years old, it's time to slightly modify its personal space. A wooden bed with bars will be replaced by a sofa bed. From the sofa a plane is advanced, on which cushions are placed in the unfolded form. The more a child grows, the more pillows are used. Children often spin in a dream, so the width of the bed should be such that the child could not fall.

Proper care of the bed significantlyExtends its service life. Do not allow children to jump on it. To keep the mattress clean, use a removable cover that can be washed. Regularly vacuum the mattress and the bottom of the bed, remove pile and dust, clean the stains with water and soap.

At this age the thirst awakensActive creativity, so he needs a table. It should be rectangular or square, wide enough, with a slight inclination, slightly above the elbow of the baby standing next to it. The table top should be placed at the chest level. Choose a lamp with a lampshade, so that the light is bright, but not blind. Optimum power of a bulb 60-75 W.

The child often gets tired of his toys, soAllocate him a convenient place for storing dolls, cars, designers. The Kid can put it all himself in drawers - containers and get toys from there as needed. Boxes should be light, but spacious enough. There will also be shelves for books and albums. However, the upper sections, to which the baby does not reach yet, must be locked with a key so that nothing falls from above and the child is not injured.

Student's room

Expensive furniture or cheap - at this stage it is not so important. The main thing is that it corresponds to the age and growth of the child.

Designers often divide the room into an educational, playroomParts and rest area. However, many psychologists say that it is better not to differentiate between sharply playing and working spaces, otherwise one can cause the child to dislike learning. Let at first learning become an element of the game.

If a computer has appeared in the house, it is better to buy a separate table for it. It can be located along the wall or in the corner of the room. A one-piece corner table or an optional side table - the choice is yours.

The legs of a child sitting on a chair, bent underA right angle, should rest on the floor or in a special stand, otherwise it will turn, taking complex and harmful postures for the spine. If the child puts his elbow on the desk as if he wants to be called to the board, the fingers should be at the level of the outer corner of the eye.

It is better to buy a chair with aHeight seat, with armrests and high back. It is desirable that the angle between the seat and the back of the chair is slightly more than 90 degrees. The child will be happy to turn in the computer chair!

You can buy a desk and office chair, but with children's design - bright colors and portraits of cartoon characters.

Be sure to choose furniture with the schoolboy in order to take into account his tastes and preferences. First of all, proceed from comfort, not imposing anything, so as not to suppress the initiative of the child.


Mandatory condition: children's furniture should be made of high-quality, environmentally friendly materials.

Ideal and most expensive option - soCalled BIO-furniture. It is the most "natural", it is made of solid wood, including all internal and external walls, partitions, shelves, therefore it is more expensive. Alder, maple, birch - the most suitable for children's raw materials. On furniture made of soft pine, there are sometimes traces of even small mechanical influences. MDF is no worse than natural wood, and sometimes even stronger.

The cheapest option is chipboard. Well, if such furniture will be lined with a laminate or melamine. These materials have water-repellent properties, which is especially important for the children's room. Let the table tops be made of a single laminated board, and the edges of the tables are pasted with PVC tape for greater wear resistance.

All listed materials should not causeAllergies in the child and simply must have a hygienic certificate (do not allocate harmful substances). Good upholstery fabrics let in air and do not support burning.

Furniture color therapy

The space of the children's room must be veryBright and sunny. And what color to choose furniture? This is perhaps one of the most important issues. Scientists have proved: the color solution of the interior influences the mood and attitude of the child's life.

Surely, you have already studied the featuresMentality of your baby - they also need to be taken into account when buying. After all, every person has favorite and unloved colors. Correctly selected furniture will create a child's sense of harmony, an unsuccessful color combination will cause discomfort, fatigue or even protest.

You surely will not be mistaken if you givePreference for soft, soft tones: beige, light green, tender blue. Pastel colors soothe and do not irritate children's eyes. The color of ivory, light with a golden tint, causes a state of joy and efficiency. Pink color embodies love and affection, causes drowsiness, reduces agitation, so it is suitable for newborns. Natural green stabilizes the pulse and breath, tones, activates the mental and logical abilities, causes a desire to learn new things, pacifies the soul, gives self-confidence. Blue and blue are calming, however, undesirable for children with a tendency to depressions and can be present in the interior only in the form of small impregnations (a night lamp with a blue shade, a curtain). Lilac will strengthen your baby's nervous system. Warm tones have a stimulating effect on sluggish, inactive children and are undesirable for easily excitable.

Your child is closed, unsociable, prone to fears? Then buy him a yellow locker or a bed. This color not only promotes communication, but also increases the speed of visual perception. But with purple or orange things, be careful: in large quantities, they can cause fatigue and even dizziness. In the interior also do not get carried away by white. Here it appears as the color of lifelessness, coldness, despondency. The same can be said about the black color. With its help, adolescents often shut themselves off from the outside world.

Modular furniture

Such furniture is very practical, because children are prettyQuickly grow out of beds, tables and lockers. Modular design allows you to save money and buy new items as needed. Such furniture does not have sharp corners and unstable connections, it is easily assembled using a detailed scheme.

The main principle of arranging a children's room -Variability. Interior items should awaken the imagination. Modular furniture can be used in the game, it allows the baby to express his personality. To store toys, the child will have enough shelves and lockers that will not break and fall out, and most importantly, there will be a large space for movement, since the furniture will be collected as compactly as possible in a small section of the room. An example of a successful space saving: a table, located under a high bed, on which you can climb the stairs - the rack. All this (together with the wardrobe) is placed on three square meters.


Transforming furniture is a great option forChild. Sets include whole structures of beds, ladders, slides, lockers, shelves, all kinds of bedside tables that grow with the child. The changing table turns into a table for games, then serves as a desk, and later as a computer table. Beds for babies (120x60 cm) eventually turn into almost adults (190 cm), and from the sofa, if desired, you can collect even a bunk bed. At tables and chairs the height of countertops, legs and seats is regulated.

The desk can play the role of a drawing board orEasel. On the top and side of the table, hang special shelves for the briefcase, magazines and books, in the drawers make pens for the pupils, so that your student is comfortable to do.

Such furniture can easily move around and disappear, getting into cabinets. The writing desk hides in a corner, but from the sofa cushions children will be happy to build a hut.

Frameless furniture

Absolutely soft furniture made of foam rubber embodies inA perfect combination of original design and functionality. You can safely leave the baby alone in a dry pool (an excellent alternative to a traditional arena!) Or in a soft gym: it will be completely protected from injuries. To help the student come a special chair for relaxation, which will relieve tension after a difficult school day. Geometric figures in cases of environmentally friendly Finnish material like leather can be used as a soft designer or as a rug. They can be useful not only to children, but also to daddies in the garage, mums for aerobics or just in the woods at a picnic.

Such furniture is absolutely safe, it is convenientTransport, it takes very little space in the room, and most importantly - develops imagination, logical and artistic thinking of the child (take at least a transformable sofa), has a beneficial effect on his emotional state! Frameless furniture will tell you new, unconventional design solutions for the interior of the children's room.

Does your child disappear from morning to evening in the yard? Offer him a home alternative - a sports corner. He will save a lot of parental time and nerves. In addition, the appearance of such a corner will have a beneficial effect on the child's physical development. Place the two Swedish walls at an angle so that you can climb from one to the other, make a horizontal ladder and a low crossbar at the chest level for a somersault. If the area allows the room, please the baby with a small swing and slide. And do not forget to put a carpet or mats on the floor.

Two in a boat

It's great if your family has severalCharming children. When two children live in the same room, the furniture is better divided by color, which will act as a sign of each property. In the same way, you can mark hangers, drawers, shelves, bedspreads ...

Excellent way out - two-tieredA bed that will save space. Before you allocate seats, listen to the wishes of the children themselves, so that the inhabitants of the lower shelf do not develop complexes and do not feel infringed upon. By the way, today bunk beds often buy families with one child. Kids love to climb up the ladder to the sleeper, and the first floor can be turned into a game zone. Steps make in the form of boxes for various children's trifles. By the way, practice shows that children sleeping in bunk beds, live more amicably and less quarrel.

For three children we recommend a bed in the form of a chest of drawers, from which three drawers are successively put forward - full beds. Imagine what a saving of square meters!

The most important thing

Avoid monotony in the interior of the nursery. Walls, curtains, ceiling, bedspreads on the bed - let it all be bright, but not tiring for the eyes. Think about the safety of the child. Furniture should be stable, strong, streamlined, without protruding details and sharp corners. When buying, do not be lazy to check the quality of fittings and joints. Metal pens are better to choose plastic. All surfaces should be smooth and well polished. Avoid complex designs in which the hand or leg of a toddler may get stuck.

Psychologists are sure: Furniture can form a male or female child in the child. So, the boy needs hangers for trousers, racks for models of airplanes and cars, the girl - a special table for personal care.

The room should give the child room forCreativity. Let him add some touches to the interior: paint the sides and steps of the bed, make a colored appliqué on the furniture, decorate the walls with his drawings.

If the housing conditions do not allow a separate room for the child, let him have his "corner", a locker, a table - a personal space where only he will be the owner.

The main thing that your baby was comfortable and cozy in the nursery. Then it will necessarily grow up happy, healthy and harmoniously developed.

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