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The harm of sucking nipples

Today, with the newborn's dowryThe pacifier is sure to be bought. Beautiful, modern, it still remains in many ways a great-grandmother's "gag". After returning from the maternity hospital, barely stepping through the threshold of his apartment, the mother first of all gives the baby a pacifier. And she did not know what it might turn out to be.

First of all, babies, who constantlyKeep a nipple in your mouth, a sucking reflex decreases - and it's easy to guess what it can lead to. By the time of the next feeding, the child, having grown tired of the continuous sucking of the pacifier, begins to be capricious, when the mother gives him the breast - she sucks long and reluctantly, and can even give up the breast altogether.

Alarmed mother, rightly fearing thatThe child will remain hungry, immediately offers him a bottle with a pacifier - and the kid greedily begins to drink of it. Of course, in fact in this case the milk almost by gravity falls into his mouth! And a week or two later, the inexperienced mother will not be able to force the baby to take the breast. "I left it!" - She complains to her friends. But it's not himself - through her fault ...

The undesirable effect of the nipple is also manifested inThe fact that when a child sucks a pacifier, he involuntarily swallows and air. Hence, frequent "uncaused" burps, bloating, intestinal colic. Constant sucking of a pacifier can spoil a child's bite.

From a hygienic point of view, nipple harm canBe huge. Who among us has not watched as a mom or dad lifts a pacifier from the floor, automatically lick and mechanically put it into the mouth of a baby. What an impermissible frivolity! Many microbes live in the human mouth, most often streptococci and staphylococci. The body of an adult is quite resistant to them, and for him they do not represent a particular danger, and in an infant these microbes can cause severe diseases. Older children often play with their nipples, put them on the floor, on the ground and again in the mouth ... And then the parents are surprised why their children often get sick.

However, the main danger of nipples lies in thePossible delay in the child's mental development. The suckling reflex is dominant in the infant, because nutrition is the main guarantee of a child's life. And this reflex is so strong that it can withhold other kinds of activity of the newborn, and even to a certain extent suppress the motor activity.

The nipple distracts the child's attention from everyoneImpressions of the outside world. Do you remember the scene with which we started our conversation? Now, I think, it became clear why the sucking child is so indifferent to everything around him. But for such a child every moment of life without exaggeration is an opening. Distracting his attention to the nipple, we seem to put an invisible veil between him and the outside world ...

Every normal child hasA certain vocabulary, and begins to pronounce the first words. The same kids, who always have a nipple in their mouths, usually do not try to talk. If at this time not to wean the child from the nipple, then we can confidently predict that the development of speech and intelligence will be delayed.

Of course, unconditionally refuse the nippleIt is impossible. If the child is nervous, easily excitable, inadequately responds to various external stimuli - putting this child to sleep, it is allowed to give him a pacifier, with her help, you can sometimes reassure the sick child. But you should not abuse it.

It is widely believed that a child needsDummy, when his teeth are cut - but it is better to use special rings for this. They help to relieve the itching in the gums, and do not cause a sucking reflex.

In general, a pacifier is sometimes permissibleCalm the child. But the child is not older than a year and only in moments of extreme necessity. And after a year it is necessary to gradually wean the child from the nipple, distracting and switching his attention to other objects.

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