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Psychological preparation of the child for school

So, first tip: Be sure to share your memories with your child. Let him understand that his situation is not unique,That you once experienced the same mixed feelings of joy, excitement, anticipation and anxiety. In addition, it will show your first-grader that you can share your school experiences with your mother in the future.

Remember, as you immediately immediately piled hugeNumber of new rules and duties. Prepare your child for this, too. But avoid sudden transitions: let new duties become pleasant indicators of his adulthood, and not a heavy burden of responsibility, which suddenly falls on him. And in order to add a pleasant note to appearing duties, think up to your child and new "rights", that is, some privileges from the adult life: go to bed half an hour later than usual, make yourself a sandwich in the microwave or something else insignificant , But important for your child.

Agree that, despite the fact that many of us did not want to plunge into the abyss of study after a happy vacation, the Day of Knowledge of September 1 was still a holiday for us. Try to create the same exciting holiday atmosphere for your child as well. This will be facilitated not only by the newAn outfit bought specifically for this occasion, but also a solemn meeting of your baby from school, a family dinner on this occasion, and maybe a significant gift.

Let your child know that everything in hisSchool life for him is important, important for you. During the first school days, be sure to ask your student about what happened to him today in the school, praise him and cheer him up. But just do it all sincerely, otherwise the child will suspect something is wrong. Sure, you love your child.

Take advantage of his entry into the first grade,Once again to show this: rejoice with him to his successes, experience with him his failures, but in any case do not be angry with him for minor flaws. Always remember yourself during the same period, and your memory will tell you the best way out.

And in order to change the situation was not for your child a sudden and very much a contrast, Play with it "to school". Rassadite for the desks of the toy, the highest andMake a beautiful doll a teacher, equip a class with a wooden board and a piece of chalk, and for dolls cut a notebook. Let the child plunge into the atmosphere of school life in his familiar home environment.

Author: Alisa Heinrich

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